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Christmas Countdown Family Advent Paper Chain Download

KIDOLOGY'S CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN FAMILY ADVENT PAPER CHAIN is a FUN, simple way to help kids as they anticipate the arrival of Christmas to focus on the Reason for the Season - JESUS!

As a child, my family would cut colored paper into strips and make a paper chain, one link for each day until Christmas. Every morning we would remove a link so we could see that Christmas was getting closer and closer! I decided to take this fun daily countdown and turn it into a fun educational advent activity!

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply print and distribute to the parents in your ministry. They cut out the strips and tape or staple them in a chain, with “Christmas Day” as the last one! Each day, they remove one link and read the Scripture, have a discussion, and read the short devotional. It can be used as a guide to read part of the Christmas story, respond to the question, and reflect on the meaning of Christmas as the entire family anticipates the day we celebrate the arrival of Jesus, sent by God to be our Savior!

Purchase of this product grants you permission to print as many as you need, year after year! Create a fun tradition for the families in your church!

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