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The Great Adventure Cards Sample Set

The Great Adventure Cards Sample Set

Discover the power of Bible-based trading cards!

This product is for 1 (one) sample set of The Great Adventure Cards. Order a full bundle of 25 sets here.

Use the simple joy of trading cards to connect your children to each other, your volunteers, their parents, and most importantly, to God's Word!!

The Great Adventure trading card program is the perfect way to engage your kids and parents with God's Word while creating a fun and interactive incentive program at church. Kids love this set of 80 Bible-based trading cards! The cards are organized into 12 series covering the major stories of the Bible, including Noah, Elijah, Moses, Jesus' Miracles, and many more!

Children love collecting and trading cards. Channel this interest toward the Great Adventures found in God's Word. These cards are a great supplement to your existing curriculum.

Give children one for attending, an extra for bringing their Bible or a friend, and bonus cards for answering questions, participation in games, or good behavior.

Children will eagerly return to church each week for a new random card to collect and trade with other children and adult volunteers. Watch relationships grow as they trade cards to complete different series' and eventually collect the entire 80-card set!

At home, children will look up and read the Bible stories with their parents in order to answer the validation question on the bottom of each card. Children who collect all the cards in a series can be rewarded with a fun prize - an easy and effective tool for partnering with parents!

This product is for a sample set of cards. The Bundle includes 25 sets of 80 cards for a total of 2,000 cards along with easy-to-follow instructions.

PDFDownload The Great Adventure Card "Getting Started" Guide

Learn more about The Great Adventure Cards.

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