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Balloon Sculpting with Pastor Brett - Part 14: Monkey

Pastor Brett Belleque is the Director of Children's Ministry Resources for InFaith. He is also known as "The Magical Mr. B" one of the most AMAZING Balloon Sculptors you will ever meet!

In this Balloon Sculpting series, Brett will be presenting a new video each month during 2021 to help children's workers learn how to sculpt FUN with balloons!

It's Episode 14 and I'm reminded of the song, "Don't Monkey around with the Devil. Don't monkey around with sin. Don't Monkey around with the Devil. Just say, "No" to him!" We're on lesson 14 and we haven't done a monkey yet! We are taking care of that today! Monkey face, monkey ears, monkey tail... we've got it all! So, what are you waiting for? Let's get twisting!!

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