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Soul Wars - Spirit Awakens 4-Part DIY Curriculum

Soul Wars - Spirit Awakens 4-Part DIY Curriculum

A 4-Act Drama-Based DIY VBS or Lesson Series

This 4-Act Drama can be used as a VBS or as a 4-week summer series. All the elements are provided for you to take the DIY curriculum and create your own Star Wars-themed event.

Synopsis: Long ago there was an epic battle over the last published Bible known to exist. With the Christian force defending, the evil Empire sought to destroy every copy known in the galaxy. In a personal battle between good and evil, the last Bible was cut in half.

Darth Hater retrieved one-half, Pastor Euodia, the other. The Empire seeks to find the other half in order to destroy them both while the Christians seek to find the other half in order to reunite the two parts and continue to spread the Good Word.

Duke Skyliner must allow the Spirit of God to awaken within him so that he can be used of God to save the last Bible and save his family, or the Dark Side of Sin may prevail.

The 4 Lesson Themes Include:
  • What is Faith?
  • Witnessing
  • The Word of God
  • Salvation
PDF Download Includes:
  • 4 Full Lessons
  • Full Script for Each Lesson
  • Crafts for Each Lesson
  • Snacks for Each Lesson
  • Stage Prop Ideas
  • Characters and Costume Ideas
  • Promotional Ideas
  • Media Clip Ideas
Download Lesson 3 Sample

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