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The Bible says that the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. We all know who the thief is. He is Satan. He has been trying to steal from God’s people since the beginning. We are now seeing his relentless attack on the next generation. One of the devil’s strategies is to convince kids that they are worthless and not important. Many kids are unaware of their value and worth. We know that kids are important by what we see in scripture. God said that He knows how many hairs we have and in Psalms we see that God knew us before we were ever born.

In Matthew 19:14, we see that Jesus blessed the children and said that the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. The fact is God loves kids and they need to know that they are special to Him.

In this 6 week series, kids will learn they are a member of God’s Special Forces Team. They will find out that they have been chosen by God for a very special mission. They will also learn that in order to follow God’s plan for them, they need to follow his instructions, given to them in the Bible.

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