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Creative Ministry Group: <i>1...2...3... Slime Time!</i> Download

Creative Ministry Group: 1...2...3... Slime Time! Download

Your Guide to Constructing Your Own Slime Booth...Stirring Up Some Sloppy Slime...and Playing Kid-Approved Messy & Crazy Games

1...2...3... Slime Time! is a 20-page guidebook that outlines the "Slime Time Kidz Zone," an evangelistic tool for reaching the kids of our communities. Utilizing events that are outrageous and off the wall, it provides a "how-to" on creating an evening full of upbeat music, props, sounds, lights, characters, drama, puppets, games, flying pies and slime. In other words, it is messy! This innovative approach is radically fun, but packed with food for the soul woven into the program.

This book is geared to help you get your creative juices flowing. It contains lots of messy and crazy games that have been tested and proven with kids. Furthermore, you will find directions to help you build your own slime booth, along with many gooey slime recipes.

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