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Tadpole Tails Zap Pack 6-week Curriculum Download

Help children understand what following Jesus looks like!

The Chapel and Brothers Young Productions bring you a six-week, sitcom-style video series that follows the life of a preteen boy named Zack whose world turns upside down when his family moves to a new town, then turns bizarre when he gets zapped into his school backpack. Zack's life and attitude is transformed as he learns stories of children from the Bible who were truly Livin' It!

Zap Pack includes everything you need and is fully customizable, yet easy to use! Can be used in a Large Group or Small Group Format.

Click here for series outline, sample lesson, teacher's guide, and video.

Delivery of your curriculum will be via a secure download link sent by e-mail shortly after purchase. Links expire 7 days after purchase.

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