Spooky Lessons of the Bible

Spooky Lessons of the Bible

Kidology's Spooky Lessons of the Bible family of curriculum, games, and resources help kids remember that Jesus provides victory over death!

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YES! The Spooky series videos can be used for online church services! Permission is granted for use under the guidelines at the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

Watch this Mr. Bones Video Sample from the series:



Spooky Lessons of the BibleSpooky Lessons of the Bible
4-Lesson Curriculum

Spooky Lessons of the Bible is a 4-lesson series by Karl Bastian that will guide your children to a biblical understanding of life, showing how Jesus defeated death.

While our culture obsesses with spookiness, this series will redeem the season in a way you've never seen before, all while allowing your children to enjoy the season in a wholesome and fun manner.

Equip your kids with the knowledge to face their fears. Halloween provides our culture with a way of making light of death, and yet that nagging question remains: "What will happen to me after I die?"

Provide kids the answer that Jesus conquered Death. We can teach them that we know a Savior who faced death, destroyed it, and can raise us up too!

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Spooky Lessons of the Bible: Death Has No String Single LessonSpooky Lessons of the Bible
Single Lesson

Spooky Lessons of the Bible: Death Has No Sting is a SINGLE LESSON selected from our popular Halloween teaching unit by Karl Bastian. This self-contained, stand-alone lesson responds to kids' fears prompted by Halloween, showing us instead that Jesus has the victory over death.

The theme of this lesson is based on 1 Corinthians 15:55, 57: "'Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?' But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

The focus is on the Resurrection of the Jesus and its centrality to the Christian Faith. Halloween provides our culture with a way of making light of death. With this lesson, you can illustrate that Jesus conquered Death, leaving nothing to fear!

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Spooky Bible Bingo GameSpooky Bible Bingo Game

Spooky Bible Bingo is a fall-themed bingo game featuring icons of the season, including Scripture references to help kids remember that Jesus provides victory over death.

Play as an educational game by itself or in support of the Spooky Lessons of the Bible curriculum series.

Features 35 different cards to accommodate various class sizes, showcasing different Animals, Places, Objects, Phrases, and Verses associated with fall.

Also includes an optional Spooky Bible Hunt variant, integrating a classic activity commonly known as a "Sword Drill" into your gameplay, giving increased importance to the "Verse" category for winning the game. This option encourages kids to bring their Bibles to class!

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Spooky Scenery KitSpooky Scenery Kit

Spooky Scenery Kit contains printable artwork to decorate your teaching area with icons from the fall season. Additionally, it features visuals to support the optional Spooky Lessons of the Bible curriculum series.

At the core are Wall Posters, consisting of images split across multiple sheets of paper. Print out each PDF page, trim, and tape together, forming a giant-size poster for your walls, ranging in size from 3-5 feet wide.  Each Wall Poster PDF contains a "key image" on the first page, showing how the final artwork should be assembled once every page is connected.

This Kit also includes original artwork files in both PNG and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) graphics formats, available to use and repurpose for the visual needs of your ministry.

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