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Ministry rises or falls on leadership. You may have entered into kids ministry because you were good at, well, ministry to kids. But now that you are in charge, you need to grow as a leader. Kidology is here to help!

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All Access Play The Ball Where The Monkey Drops It

Some things are beyond our control. You have to start with what you have. You never get to start with what you wish you had.

Ministry Upsets
All Access Pressing In

Stop trying to do life without Jesus. 

Jesus is all we need
All Access Questions Kids Ask About God

Kids have questions, naturally. One of the best ways to interact and lead them closer to God is by engaging with their questions.

Worship Stations, Questions
Free Quick Lessons Learned Not So Quickly

Here's a quick lesson in how to learn lessons quickly.

All Access Responding to Negative Feedback

A negative comment about you have said or done is not the end of the world, but it often feels like it. Craig Jutila encourages you to move on and make something constructive out of the situation.

Leadership, Criticism
All Access Scheduling Your Day When There's Not Enough Time

Get tips on how to better manage your time. 

Schedules, Time Management
All Access Shorter Attention Span: Kids or Goldfish?

If you work with kids, you know how challenging it can be to keep their attention.

Attention Span
All Access Social Distancing & The Church - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

How do I teach “Go To Church” when the church doors are closed?

Being the Church
All Access The 2 Asks It Takes to Build a Great Volunteer Team

Use the power of 2 to build a great volunteer team. 

Volunteers, Team Building
Free The 4 Dragons of Ministry

When did ministry become a job? Find out how to kill the dragons before they kill you spiritually.

All Access The Beauty of Approachability

If you're only focused on ministry and not people, then you're missing one of your greatest callings.

Welcoming, Attitude
Free The Benefits of Rebooting Your Children's Ministry

Can your kidmin use a reboot?

Ministry Reboot
All Access The FAST Acronym

How does your ministry or you as a ministry leader handle the occasional unhappy or frustrated church attendee?

Relationships, Parents
Free The ONE Rule that Saved My Ministry... and the Night that Almost Ended It

This valuable story could prevent you from great heartache and a ruined ministry career! A MUST-READ!

Safety, Leadership, Integrity
All Access The Partnership of Security Teams & Children's Ministry for Safety Part 1

Church security teams are the fastest growing ministry of 2016. In this post, we’re going to share information on how to get momentum to start a church security team, if your church lacks one. The main point is for children's ministry to connect with the church security team and utilize them as a resource for children's ministry.

Child Safety
All Access The Partnership of Security Teams & Children's Ministry for Safety Part 2

In our first post, The Partnership of Security Teams & Children’s Ministry for Safety we shared information on how to get the momentum moving to start a church security team, if your church lacks one. For this post, we’d like to share actionable steps that you can take for engaging and utilizing an existing security team.

Child Safety
Free The Single Greatest Recruitment Tool for Kidmin

After years and years of ministry, I have discovered that there is no greater tool for recruiting volunteers for children's ministry.

Leadership, Prayer, Recruitment
Free Things I No Longer Say: Healthy Things Grow

Is your ministry a success? How do you measure success? By the size of your church? Sam Luce explains why growth is not always beneficial. 

Ministry Goals
All Access Three Questions for a Healthier Children's Ministry

Here's a few questions to help you gauge the health of your Children's Ministry.

All Access Tips for Student Participation in Large Group

Give yourself a break and use these tips for active participation during large group time. 

Management, Large Group
Starter Top Traits of High-Functioning Teams

What do you do to plan as a team?

All Access Toxic Church? Take These Steps!

If you're in a toxic church environment, here are some steps you can take to improve or remove yourself from it. 

Toxicity in a Church
All Access We're Not All That Different

Here are some common “themes” of ministry that are literally worldwide.  

Starter What 2020 Reminded Me About Kidmin Leaders

"When Covid hit, I was reminded of a few things that are true about kidmin leaders."

All Access What Kind of Leader are You? Perfect? Excellent? Or Good Enough?

Is 'Good Enough' good enough?

Free What Type of Kids Pastor Are You?

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses in ministry? Are you surrounded by people who can fill in where you lack? This is how you build a strong kids ministry. 

Free When Kidmin Breaks Your Heart

God reached down and touched our hearts thru Jesus. He wants us to do the same for the hurting families and children in our midst.

Leadership, Caring
All Access When You Say 'Easy', They Hear 'Unimportant'

Are you making it too 'easy' for volunteers? Maybe it's time to challenge them. 

Recruiting, Training Volunteers
All Access Why I Never Liked January

Since when are goals only for January? You can set goals any time of year... like now!

Goal Setting, Leadership
All Access Why People Aren't Excited about Your Children's Ministry

Do you feel tired and frustrated by the lack of support and excitement for your ministry? Here are strategic questions to ask to help you examine why.

Vision, Volunteers, Parents
All Access Your Worst Teacher is Better than the Best Video

Videos are fun, but live teachers are better... even the bad ones!

Free The Strategy of Jesus

Lessons that I learned from the strategic ways of Jesus. These may be quick to read but,like all of the things of Jesus, pack a great punch.

Free Making the Complex Simple and FUN!

Encourage your children and families this year with Biblical proof of how AMAZING Jesus is by showing the prophesies he fulfilled!

Prophesy - With Kids In Mind
Starter Teaching with Sticks?

Find new ways to share the Gospel with kids by teaching with sticks!

Creative Teaching - With Kids In Mind
Starter Teaching the Incarnation to Young Kids

A magician might pretend he was “powers,” but there is never a child who believes for a second that a magician has any supernatural power. They always know there is some “trick” to it, and that’s what makes it fun.

Incarnation - With Kids In Mind
Starter The AMAZING "Lufrednow Lrak!"

A magician might pretend he was “powers,” but there is never a child who believes for a second that a magician has any supernatural power. They always know there is some “trick” to it, and that’s what makes it fun.

Gospel Magic - With Kids In Mind
Starter You're Adopted!

At its core, relational ministry doesn’t have to be “deep” to be relational. Honestly, it can quite simple and playful too.

Adoption - With Kids In Mind
Starter The Power of a Pocket Trick

At its core, relational ministry doesn’t have to be “deep” to be relational. Honestly, it can quite simple and playful too.

Engaging Your Audience - With Kids In Mind
Starter Ready, Aim... TEACH!

Whether you use a published curriculum or write your own, it’s important to understand the essential elements of an effective lesson!

Hitting the Target - With Kids In Mind
Starter Today is Sponsored by the Number 66

A fun download you can use to teach your kids interesting numbers relating to the Bible!

Numbers in the Bible - With Kids In Mind

Of course we try to make our guests feel welcome on Sundays, but how do we get them to RETURN again?

FUNtastic Activity Booklet - With Kids In Mind

WARNING! This ministry tool is going to have a profound impact on your ministry.

All About Me - With Kids In Mind
Starter "Why would you write a Halloween series?!?!"

I don’t “celebrate” Halloween. I wish it didn’t exist. But it does. And the decision regarding whether or not to write this unit was not an easy one.

Spooky Halloween Series - With Kids In Mind
Starter Volunteer Training

Ongoing training of your team is critical – but CHALLENGING!

Volunteer Training - With Kids In Mind
Starter The Purpose-Driven Game

Games are a key part of Children’s Ministry. I believe no kids service is complete without a well-planned intentional game. However, no game should just be a time-filler. 

Games - With Kids In Mind

What is your passion? Are you living it? Did you know you can?

Passion in Ministry

Many people start things, far fewer finish them, and diligence determines the difference.

Diligence in Ministry
Starter ACTION

There are three types of people in this world...

Action in Ministry

“Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery.”

Imitation in Ministry

There is no greater way to see a return on your investment of time and resources than investing in the spiritual development of your leaders and children.

Investment in Ministry
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