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Looking for some great ways to communicate the Gospel with kids? This Zone has Gospel presentations and other helps for reaching kids with the Good News!

Have an awesome Gospel Presentation? Don't keep the good news to yourself!

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All Access Pray For A Scout

A scout is a vital member of the evangelism team, especially if they are one of the team's prayer warriors. A scout can help the team be at the key spot where God wants to reach children for His kingdom.

A Vital Position For Every Evangelism Team
All Access A Glass of Water for Jesus

Thru stories in the Bible, Jesus teaches us to reach out to others and share the gospel, to serve others and to show God's love to others freely.

Obedience, Servanthood
All Access A Special Purpose

This cup stacking object lesson is intended to show children how special they are to God and lead them to respond to the Gospel.

God's Design
All Access Aiming for Impact: Preschoolers and The Gospel

Are prescool children receptive to the Gospel or is it reserved for elementary aged children, teens and adults? Their hearts are open, but they need us to help them make the connection between the gospel and their lives.

All Access Cleansing Heart

Kids will learn that when they confess their sins and "bring it to the cross" that Jesus wipes away their sins.

God's Awesome Love
Starter Comfort Zone

A short skit about Mark 16:15

All Access Extra! Extra! Read All About It

Read all about the mystery that has taken place in the Children’s Department. They will share the colors of the Mystery (Wordless) Book!

The Wordless Book
All Access Get a Kick Out of Sharing

Sponsored by World Vision, your kids can become good servants (and sharers) and get involved with missions to kids all around the world by "Getting a Kick Out of Sharing!"

All Access Go and Make Disciples

We must tell others about the love of God and share with them how to repent of their sins and ask Jesus into their hearts. When we obey the Great Commission, we are obeying God. He has given us the authority to do this, and He has promised to help us. Here is a good recipe that may help you.

All Access Good News and Beautiful Feet

3-part object lesson about spreading the Good News.

All Access History of the Wordless Book

The Wordless Book has no words or pictures but it shouts the gospel message loud and clear through the familiar language of colors.

The Wordless Book - From 1866 to Today
All Access How Do We Reach Others

We reach others by using beautiful feet to "GO" where they are! God told Jonah to “GO” and tell the people of Nineveh about the love of Jesus. Jonah was not too happy with this request from God. He decided to ignore God’s command and do what HE wanted to do.

Evangelism, Jonah
All Access Quick Reference: How to lead a child to Christ

Here is a step-by-step way of leading a child to Christ that I wrote for the volunteers at my church.

Leading a child to Christ
All Access Share the Gospel

One of Jesus' commands is for us to share the Good News of the Gospel.

Evangelism, Matthew 28
All Access St. Patrick's Day for Kids

Why should children celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? This lesson includes his story, a PowerPoint lesson, and song that will give children a reason why this is an important holiday for the church. We can learn many lessons from the life of St. Patrick about listening to God, obedience, evangelism, and forgive others who treat us unkindly.  

Holiday, Evangelism, Forgiving Others, Kindness
All Access The Magician & the Sparrows

Use this power point story to illustrate why God sent Jesus to earth for us. A great launch to a salvation message.

A retelling of why Jesus came to Earth
All Access Throw a Glow Party

This is a dynamic eye catching Evangelistic event you can host at anytime during the year.

Evangelism Event
Starter Valentine's Day Outreach

A very successful idea for reaching families in your community.

All Access Wordless Book Ballon Presentation

This is a Balloon Gospel presentation utilizing the Wordless Book outline and colors. It is great for capturing the attention of the children and emphasizing the key points of the "Wordless Book"

Sharing The Gospel
Starter Wordless Book Hamburger

This is a twist on the typical "Wordless Book" salvation object lesson.

All Access Book Report - Postmodern Children's Ministry by Ivy Beckwith

The Kidology Report reviews Ivy Beckwith's book, Postmodern Children's Ministry, and provides practical ideas on how to reach this emerging generation.

Postmodern Children's Ministry
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