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The games here are not simply for the sake of play, but for creatively and effectively reaching and teaching kids for Jesus! Don't miss Karl Bastian's Tips for Leading Great Games!

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All Access Family Activities in the Time of Social Distancing

Here are a few things to remember and a few ideas to try during these next few weeks of home isolation.

Family Fun
All Access Fashion Fishing Relay

Your kids will have fun with this wacky relay. You'll need fishing attire such as waders with suspenders, flannel shirts, hats, a plastic fish, and a bucket. You'll also need a tricycle.

Just for Fun
All Access Feather Duster Toss

A Super Bible Memory Verse Activity for Elementary Kids

Forgiveness, Sins
All Access Find the Books of the Bible

You will need to copy the story for this game. It makes a fun activity, especially for older children.

All Access Finger Spell

Kids try to get their teammates to guess the word on the card by spelling it out with their fingers. Kids love this game!

Free Five Easter Games for the Classroom

Celebrating Easter is an essential part of Christian ministry and when you do it “kids’ style” you will need Easter games for the classroom. Holiday Easter games maintain the flow of the theme and add excitement to your sessions. Since I have kids ages 6 to 11 usually, I like to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. Take a crack at these Easter-themed games and let the fun begin!

Easter Games
All Access Five Rules for Playing Games in Your Class

Learn simple rules for you to help make your game time more fun and leave a bigger impact on the kids

games, rules
All Access Float or Fall

A leader holds a bouquet of balloons, some filled with helium and some with regular air. Some will float, and some will fall, but the kids have to guess which will happen.  

Salvation, Balloons
All Access Fly High

Get ready for a lot of laughs. The kids love this one.

All Access Flying Around the World

Here is a preschool Bible lesson and game for explaining how the Gospel is available to everyone!

Preschool Lesson
All Access Follow My Directions

A fun preschool game, that helps kids learn to not just listen to God, but also do what he says.

Listen, Action, Game, Preschool,
All Access Follow The Leader

A simple but fun relay in which the kids must match the actions of their leader. What a great way to introduce the topic of Moses leading the people.

Free Follow the Voice!

Here is a game you can use to help teach the story of Samson.

Children's Game, Lesson on Samson
All Access Food Tag

This is a great ice breaker or opening for your class time. It can also be used to teach that we need to always be ready to give an answer when someone asks us about our faith (1 Peter 3:15).

All Access Forever Friends

For this icebreaker, the children have to find out 5 things about another child. This is a great way for the kids to get to know each other.

Free Four Creative Water Day Games

Water day for your children’s summer camp is coming up. What do you do? Here are some creative water games that you can play!

Water Games
All Access Four Square

Team must work together to keep balls out of their space. Spin-off from Four Corners!

All Access Frisbee War

Survival of the best. Need lots of frisbees in a limited space.

Indoor Game
All Access Fruit Basket Upset Game

Use this game to explain the fruits of the spirit!

Fruit of the Spirit, Game
Free Game Idea: Inch Worm

A fun game to get the kids up and moving. 

All Access Gargle a Tune

This is a simple game, but a fun one. If you like to see kids have fun and laugh, this will do the trick.

All Access Gathering Manna

Teams will compete to see who can gather the most "manna" for their first. A fun relay that's a great way to teach the story of Moses in the wilderness.

Moses in the Wilderness
All Access Get a Clue

A Fun Scripture Activity for Your Elementary Child

Bible Memory, mystery,
All Access Getting to Know You

This is one of the most fun games to play with kids. It is a great way for the kids to get to know each other.

All Access Gideon's Torches, Pottery, and Trumpets: A Bible Lesson for Preschoolers

Here is a fun Bible school lesson to help your little ones become familiar with the story of Gideon and 1 Corinthians 15:57.  I call it “Gideon’s Torches, Pottery, and Trumpets.”

Preschoolers, Bible lesson
All Access Gift Exchange Game

At Christmas time, when you want to spice up the ornament exchange or the white elephant exchange, try this fun game!

Gift Exchange
All Access Glow in the Dark Games

Glow in the Dark Resources

All Access Go Bananas

A simple, yet gooey relay game that teaches kids about taking care of our bodies, as the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Ooey-Gooey-Silly Game
Starter God's Love Balloon Game

Here is a great game for Valentine's Day to demonstrate how God's love never runs out!

Valentine's Day Game
All Access Grab It!

This is a great review game patterned off of the "FACE OFF" on THE FAMILY FUED GAME SHOW.

All Access G-R-O-W Whack! A Preschool Bible Verse Game

Do your preschoolers know that growing in God is as simple as G-R-O-W?

Preschool, Bible Verse Game
All Access Have you Ever?

This game is a great Get Acquainted Game!

All Access Here I Am

A blindfolded child is chosen to find the child playing part of Moses. You can play this game for hours - the kids will never get tired of it!

Moses Is Called By God
All Access Hide-n-Seek in the DarK!

This game needs a volunteer to be "it" and is played in a dark room.

Play in the Dark Game
All Access Hold Your Breath Relay

This relay takes a lot of "hot air" out of your classroom!

Friendly competition
All Access Honduras: Play It!

Honduras is primarily a poor country, but Honduran kids have a great time playing simple games they create using items they can easily find. Try both of these ways to enjoy a game Honduran style!

Games from Honduras
All Access Hot Potatoes

In this game, the kids throw a ball then say today's verse!

Bible Verses
All Access How old was Jesus when he died for us?

We played a guessing game to start with. I started with one of the younger children and worked my way up to a very young-looking spry older lady in the choir.

Easter Children's Sermon
All Access How to Do the Chinese Yo-Yo (A.K.A. the Diabolo)

Want to learn an excellent way to grab the attention of children? Try using a Chinese Yo-Yo!  Even though I only have intermediate skills with it, it still captures the attention of any crowd.  Why?  Because the object itself is so mesmerizing.  With a little practice and patience, you can have some basic tricks down on the Diabolo that will wow all your friends.

Lesson Intro, Evangelism, Entertainment
Starter How to Make a TP Bazooka

Instructions for making a TP Bazooka!

All Access How to Teach Children to Pray: "Who Prayed in the Bible?" Game

A simple game to help remind kids that God answers when we pray.

Prayer, Games
All Access Huckle Buckle Beanstalk

Did you know that the game Huckle Buckle Beanstalk originated in Canada? Here's how to play!

Children's Game from Canada
Starter Human Concentration Game

This game is great for all ages, including adults, so you can use this as an ice breaker in your kids club and your volunteer training sessions!

Interactive Group Game
All Access Human Pyramid

This requires 6 kids. The idea of the game is to have the children form a human pyramid.

All Access Human Shapes

Cooperation makes things happen in this Shape Design Game!

All Access Icebreaker Bingo for Kids

Use this icebreaker game on your first day of class. 

All Access I'm Going on a Picnic

This is a fun ice breaker that is also a mind-game. There is a catch to how the game works and they have to figure it out on their own.

All Access I'm KNOT Letting Go!

This game can reinforce the idea of being connected to each other as God's children.

All Access In and Out of the Tomb

This game encourages Listening Skills and could be used at Easter for teaching about the Resurrection of Jesus or Lazarus.

Friendly Competition
All Access Indoor Snowball Fight

Teamwork will earn success in this high energy game.

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