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11 Social Distance Games FREE

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Author/Source: Nicki Straza

Topic: Social Distance Games for Ministry and School

FREE Games to Play while Physically Distanced or Virtual

If you're looking for a fun way to get your kids involved in service, then you need to have games available! During this time of masks and distancing, you need games that will keep the kids safe while having fun! 11 Social Distance Games can be played using social distance or even virtually during Zoom-type calls. 

All the supplies used in this game book will be common household items that you as a teacher will have and your students are likely to have as well.

Teaching kids HOW to think, not just what to think, is a significant key for teachers and leaders. Many of these games have hashtags like #review #evaluate #debrief #reflection #discussion. Use these games to challenge thinking, create discussion, or practice observation and evaluation. You can also use these games to review course material, test for understanding, and deep dive into ideas like those listed in the topical association list. Who said games ever had to be shallow time-fillers?

Great for kids in grades K-8

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