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Squished Satan

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Author/Source: Alison Keen

Topic: devil, demons

Demonstrate with playdough that God & the Devil aren't equally matched.
You will need: play-dough (I used red)

With all the talk of spiritual warfare in our church (movement, really) we sometimes forget that 'the god of this world' isn't God's equal-and-opposite. Our church only has a handful of kids so i got each of them to mould their own lump of play-dough along with me.

1. Make two figures; explain that the larger one is an Angel, created to serve God, and the smaller one is a person (also created to serve God). God made everything, just like I made these two figures. They can't argue with me.

2. Explain that some angels followed Lucifer and became devils; they hate humans and try to hurt them and send them to hell. [make horns on larger figure, if you like]. Ask the kids; if one of my lumps of dough wants to hurt the other, can I stop it? [yes] Can it do something i won't let it do? [no] It is stronger than me? [no]

The devil can't do anything to us that God doesn't allow. Our God is absolutely capable of delivering us [just like I can pick up this "person" and put it in a safe place]. Just like these lumps of dough can't argue with me, We can't force God and nor can the devil; that's why we need to be friends with him. [if you have time and the kids' attention, discuss Jn 14:14]

3. In the end, God wins. If you have older kids, ask if they know what will happen to the devil on Judgement day. The devil will be destroyed. At this point i raised one hand and brought it down on the "devil" figure, squishing it to a half-inch pancake.

This half-inch pancake makes a good opportunity to recap the lesson - Can the devil beat God?

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