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10 Mom Trivia Questions from the Bible

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Author/Source: Mimi Bullock

Topic: Mother's Day, Trivia

Here is a trivia game for your children's ministry on Mother's Day!

As Mother’s Day approaches, do you have some fun games lined up for the many kids who will visit your church? Have some extra Bibles on hand so kids who don’t normally bring a Bible will have access to one for this trivia game.

I don’t recommend Bible games as an icebreaker, especially when you have new kids, but once every knows who their new friends are, let the games begin!

Use these 10 questions to see who can find the answers. Of course, they are just kids, so provide them with a hint like book, chapter, and verse, if necessary.

  1. Which mom puts her baby in a basket to save him? (Yocheved) Exodus 2
  2. Which mom prayed for a baby while she visited a temple? (Hannah) 1 Samuel 1:10
  3. What mom saw her son die on a cross? (Mary) John 19:25
  4. Name the mom of John the Baptist? (Elizabeth) Luke 1
  5. Who was the first mother on earth? (Eve) Genesis 2
  6. Who was Joseph’s mother? (Rachel) Genesis 30:25
  7. Which evil mother taught her daughter to dance seductively and ask for John the Baptist’s head for a prize? (Herodias) Matthew 14:6
  8. Who called herself, “The Mother of Israel?” (Deborah) Genesis 35
  9. Whose mother brought him a new coat each year? (Hannah) 1 Samuel 2:19
  10. What does the law say you should do when you find a bird on its nest? (Let the mother go free.) Deuteronomy 22:8

I visited the dollar store and purchase six small white dry erase boards. I gave one to each of my contestants. Each contestant had a partner who helped him or her find the Bible answers. When they thought they had the answer, they wrote the answer on the board. At the end of five minutes, I asked all the contestants to reveal their answers! For the next round, we swapped contestants and partners. It was a fun way to get kids into the Word and working together.

Really emphasize that just calling out the answer will get you disqualified. Some kids know their stuff!

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