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Movie Review: October Baby

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

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Karl Bastian, the Kidologist, reviews a pre-release of the movie October Baby due in theaters March 23, 2012




These are words that get tossed loosely around the Church between the donuts and Sunday bulletins. They are often just technical jargon we all must learn to speak in order to fit in with little impact on hearts and souls. We can hide hurt behind smiles and speak the church lingo without really understanding the depth of what these words were meant to provide.

But there comes a time in everyone's life when the meaning of these words is transformed from church jargon to life-saving concepts that truly save a person from self-destruction and despair.

It may be the discovery of a painful truth, a deeply hurtful choice of another person, or a sinful choice for which the consequence was far greater or faster than one imagined. Suddenly Grace is sought. Forgiveness is desperately wanted. Healing is needed. But it can seem to be a thousand miles away.

Such is the story behind the movie October Baby. It opens in select theaters MARCH 23rd, and it is well worth your time to go see, even if the topic doesn't seem to appeal to you initially. The story is one of a young girl struggling with Asthma and Epilepsy who discovers at age 19 that not only is she adopted, but she is an 'abortion survivor.' These are two words most people have never even seen next to each other. Against her parents wishes, she heads off on a road trip to discover the truth about her past. The movie is beautifully filmed, superbly acted, and has an engaging sound track. While the story itself is touching (and a bit romantic), the underlying message was of greater significance to me.

While the website for the film offers lots of help for teens and woman who are certain to be impacted by the messages related to adoption, abortion, recovery, etc. - and this is a good thing - I found the overall message of grace and forgiveness to be the most moving aspect of the film.

Forgiveness is needed in several directions throughout the film - to be given and received. Too often we are focused on wanting to be forgiven and forget we need to give forgiveness. Or we realize we need to forgive someone but fail to realize that they need to hear that we forgive them.

As an adoptive dad, I loved the underlying message of this movie that every child needs to feel wanted. More parents need to take the time to make sure their children KNOW they are loved and wanted unconditionally, regardless of their mistakes and failures; that nothing threatens that love.


This is a movie worth going to see. First of all, just from a cinematic point of view, it's not one of those lame Christian movies. (Thank goodness.) While the topic may seem "heavy," the producers did an excellent job of keeping it fun, romantic, and engaging, with a bit of detective work on the main character's part and some family drama. It's not too preachy, and it accomplishes its purpose without insulting the audience by spelling everything out for them like most poorly made Christian films do. Secondly, it draws you into the story and characters while never creating any real antagonists - just real people dealing with real life. Things are tied up in the end, but not too perfectly to make it unrealistic.

Lastly, I get tired of Christians complaining that no wholesome movies are made anymore, and then when those rare movies do come out, they don't go see them, opting for the DVD release instead. Then they go spend their money at the box office on the movies that supposedly offended them. If you truly want to see more wholesome movies at the box office, dollars are the only way to vote for them.

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