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Wally, Paul's Pit Partner Videos

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Eternity 500 Videos

Sample videos of the Wally Videos from Etermity 500

Eternity 500 is a FUN race car themed series from it Bible Curriculum. In the series, the Bible Story segment is a one-man drama told by a hillbilly character, similar to Mator from the animated series Cars, who claims to have been in the Apostle Paul's "Pit Crew" and along for the adventures of Paul.

He recounts the "races" that Paul was on, re-telling the Bible stories in a silly fun manner. These videos are samples to help you prepare as the lessons do not script the skits, but rather describe how to tell them and include the facts to be sure to include.

Week 3 is missing due to the fact that our tech team is run by kids and that week, they made an error with a cable so there was no audio that week. (It happens when training kids to do ministry.)

Week One: Paul's Conversion

Week Two: Paul Goes to Jail

Week 4: Paul Finishes Well

Learn more about ETERNITY 500!

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