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Teaching the Incarnation to Young Kids

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Incarnation - With Kids In Mind

A magician might pretend he was “powers,” but there is never a child who believes for a second that a magician has any supernatural power. They always know there is some “trick” to it, and that’s what makes it fun.


When I was a young boy there was an empty lot near my home right in the middle of our town that was somehow ignored by the adults who ruled the world. Us neighborhood kids affectionately called it The Field. It had natural bike trails, trees to climb, and countless places to toss a ball or play hide-n-seek. It was there that I discovered and adopted an anthill that would end up becoming immortalized in my children’s book, Andy and the Ants when the signs went up that a shopping center was coming to rob us of our after-school play place.

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