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BEWARE: Don't make this mistake when teaching the Bible

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Author/Source: David Rausch

Topic: Proof Texting; Bible Teaching

Is Proof-Texting Dangerous?

As we lead our kiddos on their spiritual journey, it’s so important that we handle the Bible with the care and respect it deserves. One common pitfall we need to avoid is proof-texting. Simply put, proof-texting is taking a text out of context to prove your specific point or doctrine. While it might seem harmless, proof-texting can lead to misunderstandings and misapplications of Scripture.
Now, if you’re using a published curriculum, you might be thinking, “But I’m not the writer! I don’t decide how to unpack Scripture.”
To which I would say, “You’re right! But as the leader, you’re the one who chooses the curriculum. So the more you understand the inherent risk of proof-texting, the better you’ll be equipped to make a good choice.”

With that said, let’s dive into why proof-texting can be dangerous and how we can teach our kids a better way to engage with the Bible.

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