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What Children's Ministry Will Look Like in 10 Years

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Author/Source: Dale Hudson

Topic: Technology and Kidmin

With the growing use of technology, how could children's ministry look 10 years from now? 

Children's ministry. What may it look like in 10 years? 
The Bible will become more and more prevalent on screens and less on pages.
The next generation has been dubbed as "Digital Natives."  Born from 2011 onward, they consume the highest amount of screen time ever in the entire history of humanity. 
Kids aged ten and younger, preschoolers included, spend an average of four to six hours in front of a screen each day.
Compared to Gen Xers (41-55 years old), today's toddlers clock in more screen time than the Millennials (25-40 years old) and even more time than Gen Z (15-24 years old).
This will include the Bible. 

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