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Stories are the Magic Window into the Heart of a Child

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Kidology Theorem #33

Kidology Theorem #33 -  What are the secrets to being a master storyteller?

The Magic Window! 

Why did Jesus so often launch into a story when He was asked a question? The answer is obvious. Stories engage not only the mind, but the heart. Stories tell us more than a mere statement can and remain with us longer.

We all remember stories from our childhood and are more likely to remember a parable of Jesus than even His most powerful statements. Stories are a magic window into the hearts and minds of children.

What are the secrets to being a master storyteller?

No Pride Allowed! The best storytellers have no concern for how they look telling the story. They are all in! They are passionate, energetic and capture the attention of everyone in the room. Their primary concern is the transmission of the story.

Eye Contact. Effective storytellers connect with each and every person in their audience. They make a conscious effort to make eye contact with every person. This draws their listeners in and connects them to the message in a personal way.

Engaging Movement. Stories come to life when the storyteller doesn’t remain in one place. They move around! Not just around the stage, but around the room. They can’t stand still! Their excitement is contagious. Their audience is drawn with them into the drama of the story as it unfolds before them.

Exaggerated Facial Expressions and Gestures. Engaging communicators know that as soon as the message leaves them it begins to diminish. For maximum impact, it needs to start out exaggerated in order to hit the listeners with dramatic emphasis. The larger the beginning, the greater the impact on the listener. It is always better to over emphasize than to under emphasize whatever is being described since descriptions shrink as they travel through the air to the audience.

Vivid Descriptions. When describing the scenes in their stories, Storytellers use details they might otherwise think aren’t important. When they add details like smell, objects that are around the main subject, lighting, and sounds, they help paint a mental picture that brings a mental image to life!

Most importantly, Master Storytellers tell stories like they happened yesterday! They tell them like they really matter. Because they do! Jesus used stories because we connect with stories and stories affect us. The next time a child asks a question, consider answering with a story. You’ll have them listening more attentively than ever.

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