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Author/Source: Sam Luce

Topic: Pastoral Leadership

 Pastor, Your Leadership Matters More Than You Think.



There was a season in my life when I read almost nothing but leadership books. It was a bit much looking back but it was a season where I needed to dig in to be a better leader. I need to grow so that as I lead, my leadership or lack of it wouldn’t be the message I so passionately proclaim. I learned a lot of leadership from books. I learned even more by making mistakes, and still more by the strong leaders God placed in my life in strategic seasons. Pastor, the question isn’t if you are a leader; the question is what kind of leader are you now and what kind of leader do you want to be? How are you leading? How are you reflecting on failures and success? What leaders are you following and why?

Much has been written on this subject, and for good reason, because the church needs not just good men -- it needs good men who will lead people to Christ. Leading people to Christ inherently requires leadership. The Christian life is not one of separation and study alone. It is one of interaction and guidance. A pastor is not a monk; he is a follower who leads other followers. He is flawed for sure but he must not let his flaws disqualify him from leading, but must lead in such a way that he points beyond himself to Christ.

How many people follow you doesn’t make you a leader. THAT someone is following you does. If you are a pastor, you are a leader. You have a responsibility to lead well and to lead people to a closer walk with Christ.

Here are a few things young leaders need to learn and old leaders need to remember: 

  1. Leadership gives you a platform; your life gives you a message.
  2. Leaders listen better than they speak.
  3. People don’t remember what you say; they remember who you are and how you made them feel.
  4. People will forgive many leadership mistakes if they know you love them.
  5. Your effectiveness is not in how much you do or how big your church becomes but how faithful you have been with the gifts, talents, and abilities you have been given.
  6. Be a servant leader who pleads with God to be a sacrificial leader.
  7. Lead your church but don’t forget to lead yourself, your spouse and your children.
  8. Love the truth more than you love being loved.

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