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Home on the Range Movie Review

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Home on the Range, though entertaining, lacks the quality that is expected from Disney. Nonetheless, children who do see it will enjoy it, and there is enough humor injected into it to catch the attention of attending adults.

What do you get when you cross three menopausal cows, a delusional horse and a yodeling cattle rustler? If you guessed Disney’s newest blockbuster Home on the Range then you’d only be half right. Home on the Range follows the story of three milking cows who try to save their bankrupt farm by catching an infamous cattle rustler, Alameda Slim, and using the reward money to pay off the delinquent mortgage. Along the way, these three cows have some humorous run-ins with a crime fighter wannabe horse, a herd of bulls, and a displaced jackrabbit. Since there is not much depth to the storyline, any attempt to summarize the plot further would give away too much. I will say, though, that the most enjoyable part of the movie happened as the three cows were trying to capture Alameda Slim at his hideout.

Home on the Range is far removed from the amazing creativity we have come to associate with Disney over the years. It is becoming apparent that Disney has fallen behind when it comes to quality animated movies. Home on the Range now becomes yet another failed Disney attempt to overtake Pixar’s place as king of the hill among animated filmmakers. Admittedly, no animated film is able to stand up against the likes of Toy Story, Monsters Inc., or Finding Nemo. All artistic critiques aside, Home on the Range does prove to be an enjoyable form of eye candy, especially for those younger members of the movie-going population. There is also just enough adult humor to keep us taller people in the audience interested for the 90 or so minutes.

Here are some suggested points of discussion:

  • How do you think Buck felt when he found out that his hero, Rico the bounty hunter, was actually one of the bad guys? Do you have any heroes? What makes someone worthy to be a hero? What are the qualifications of a hero? Will our heroes ever let us down? Why or why not? Who is the one hero we can always count on?
  • Alameda Slim thought he could get away with doing wrong things. He was eventually caught. Is it possible for anyone to get away with doing bad things forever? Why or why not? What does the Bible have to say about it? Read the story of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11). Were they able to hide their sin?
  • What makes someplace a home? What made Patch of Heaven a home for Pearl and the animals?
  • Maggie, Mrs. Caloway and Grace decide to take the law into their own hands (or should I say hooves) and capture Alameda Slim themselves. Is it wise for people to follow their example? Why or why not? Who should be responsible for tracking down criminals and bringing them to justice?

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