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Ways to Make Kids Feel Special

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Shepherding Children

We all love kids! Here are some very practical ideas of way to SHOW it!

Ways to Make Kids Feel Special and Loved...

Our Mission: We want every child who comes through our doors to feel loved, come to know Christ, and find a place where they can grow through fun and life-changing experiences.

This was my children’s ministry Mission Statement at my church. Before a child can come to accept Jesus, they must be convinced of His love, and WE are the best communicators of that love. When we love kids, we prepare them to embrace God’s love. When we fail to love them, we create a barrior to them knowing and following God. So how can we make kids feel loved? It’s not that hard! In a nutshell, do to them what you’d like someone to do for you. (Sounds biblical, doesn’t it?)

But let’s get more specific as it relates to children. Here are some easy and practical things you can do to help children feel the love of God.

1. Learn Their Names

The best way to make someone fell unimportant is to be continually asking them their name. Your name was easy to their, there is only one of you. But kids don’t always realize that there are many kids for you to learn. And if they DO realize, then your remembering only means that much more. If you have a lot of kids in your ministry, use name tags! I use a separate color for visitors so that I can call them by name during our program. You can even make flash cards to work on learning names either by having kids fill out a prayer card on themselves (complete with picture!) or take pictures and make yourself flash cards to work on learning kids name while in your car or when you pray for them!


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