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This is the place to find things written or submitted by the creator of, Karl Bastian.

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All Access A Philosophy of Children's Ministry

Karl presents his Biblical Philosophy of Children's Ministry, why you should have one, and a Word doc version so you can modify it for your own ministry use.

Philosophy of Ministry
All Access What Happened to the Bible?

A tragedy is happening! The Bible is a rare object in most children's ministries today. What are the steps for action that we need to take?

Using Bibles in Children's Ministry
All Access Don't Blink!

We do not need to be afraid, because Jesus is our helper in times of need. Use this object lesson to communicate this important truth to children!  

Jesus, Fear
All Access Broken Toaster

Using a toaster to demonstrate to children that Christians do not need to be afraid of death!

There Is No Need To Fear Death
All Access The Water Race

Exciting relay that gets all the kids involved as they work as a team to pass the water.

water, relay
Starter Speak! Your Audience Listens!

Originally published in Groups CM Mag Professional Edition, Karl challenges your thinking about church communication from "How can I better get information out?" to "Why aren't they listening?"

Church Communication
All Access Impact of Reading!

Help kids understand how much what we read can shape us through this object lesson.

Reading, Bible, God's Word
All Access Hot Teddy

Here is a simple and fun game you can do at almost any time in your ministry.

Teddy, Fun
All Access The One Thing: Karl Bastian

Karl answers Greg Baird on what is the ONE THING that is most important aside from his walk with God.

All Access What Matters Now: Relationships

Karl Bastian, the Kidologist, made this contribution to the book What Matters Now in Children's Ministry.

All Access Repentance Game

Teach kids about repentance in a memorable way through this exciting game. Make your lesson visual and active.

Salvation, Repentance
All Access A Kidmin House of Cards?

Do you ever feel like your whole ministry is about to come crashing down? This may encourage you...  

Leadership Perseverance
All Access Gifts Make An Impact!

Help your kids understand gifts and the impact they make when you receive them at the right time.

Gifts, Need
All Access Sins Nailed to a Cross

Encourage the kids in your ministry to repent from their sins.

Salvation, Repentance
Free Review: Spiritual Parenting & BIG GOD!

Karl Bastian reviews Michelle Anthony's books, Spiritual Parenting and The Big God Story.

Spiritual Parenting
All Access Keepin' It Simple

Karl talks about ways to Keep It S.I.M.P.L.E. in your ministry when you are starting to feel overwhelmed (Post includes an MP3)

Leadership Volunteers
All Access Communicating When No One Reads

Ideas for communication with leaders and volunteers

Free The Hunger Games Titled Wrong?

Maybe The Hunger Games ought to have been titled Mirror Mirror, since in many ways it mirrors our culture today.

Movie Review
Free Movie Review: October Baby

Karl Bastian, the Kidologist, reviews a pre-release of the movie October Baby due in theaters March 23, 2012

Movie Review
All Access Sunday School Testing?

How do you evaluate kids Bible knowledge? Schools test kids, why not at church? People are often surprised to learn that the Kidologist had quarterly testing in his Sunday School. Here he explains why and how.

Testing Kids Bible Knowledge
All Access Stinky Sock Sale

Helps the kids see the importance of how they represent the kingdom through a humorous object lesson.

Evangelism, Good News
All Access Object Lesson: Consequences Are Like Dominoes!

Teach your kids about the consequences of their choices through a fun object lesson using dominoes!

Consequences, Choices
All Access Technology in Ministry, Do We Need It?

How important is technology to our ministries? How important should it be to the decisions we make?

Technology in Ministry
All Access Letters of Encouragement

Encourage missionaries by having your kids write letters to them.

Encouragement, Missions
All Access Written Testimony Book

Instructions on how to create a book of all your kids testimonies.

Testimony, Salvation
All Access What's Your Excuse?

An inspiring story from Karl about at 67 year old that is not making excuses when it comes to ministry.

Excuses, Serving
All Access Skit in a Bag

Fun impromptu acting game that gets your kids outside of their box and thinking creatively.

Gifts, Drama
All Access Disney Models Making the Most of a Bad Situation

Learn to turn something boring into something creative, the way disney does.

Creative, Disney, CPC
All Access Water Head!

Have your kids race with this fun relay as they transfer water.

Relay, Game
All Access Secret Prayer Pals

Get your kids praying for each other using this simple activity.

All Access Brothers & Sisters Team-Up!

Cup stacking game that applies to help brothers and sisters learn to respect each other.

Family, Siblings
All Access Backwards Room

A visual way to teach your kids what repentance means.

Salvation, Repentance,
All Access Prediction!

Teach kids about the prophectic books of the bible and lead into it using this illusion.

Prophecy, Magic
All Access A Book of Books

Show kids that the Bible is many books combined.

All Access Share Your Testimony

Help your kids learn about the change becoming a Christian makes by sharing your testimony.

All Access The Whine Menu

Creative way to visually teach your kids to have a better attitude using a "Whine Menu".

Attitude, Being Positive
All Access Bed Head

Teach your kids about acceptance and get the volunteers involved with this fun activity or theme.

Acceptance, Crazy Hair
All Access Pillow Fight!

Take pillow fighting to a whole new level with these fun rules!

Games, Pillows
All Access Pre-Sliced Banana!

Exciting magic trick where you can peel a banana showing that it is pre-sliced.

Magic, Illusions,
All Access Four Corners Elimination!

Classic indoor/outdoor kids game for kindergarten through middleschool.

Time, Diligence,
All Access Balance the Plate

Engage your small group with this activity that teaches them to stay focused on Jesus.

All Access Follow the Instructions Game

Exciting game that teaches kids to follow intructions and make them look silly so they can get a prize.

Obedience, Instructions
All Access Looking for Jesus

Encourage Families to Look for Jesus this Christmas.

Christmas, Jesus
All Access The Romans Road to Heaven!

Simple way to present the gospel message using 8 verses from Romans.

Gospel, Evangelism,
All Access Hidden Golden Coins

Teach your kids how to be missionaries and start your service off with this exciting activity.

Missionaries, Evangelism
All Access Lost Sheep

Fun game to open your lesson with where kids go and search for the lost sheep.

Game, Shepherd
All Access Attitude Check

Small group activity that helps your kids check thier attitude

Attitude, Small Group
All Access World War Paper Rock Scissors!

Have your kids play this fun game as you take Paper-Rock-Scissors to the next level!

Games, Extras
All Access Kid-Written / God-Breathed

A fun interactive way to explain how God wrote the Bible when it had human authors.

Divine Inspirtation, Bible
All Access Thermostat Vs. Thermometer

Teach your kids to remain strong in God through this exciting object lesson

Trusting God, Promises
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