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This is the place to find things written or submitted by the creator of, Karl Bastian.

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All Access Win, Lose, or Eat!

This is "Win, Lose or Draw" without the paper or pens! Instead, have a supply of rope licorice on hand!

All Access Team Bible Drill

The Team Bible Drill is similar to the basic Bible drill, except that it involves every child and more kids are rewarded.

All Access You Can't Make Me Laugh

Each kid who answered review questions takes a turn sitting on the stool with a straight face while the leaders try to make him/her laugh.

All Access We're All Different

You can use this game as an introduction to how we are all different - but that God loves us all the same, or other similar applications

All Access Paper Airplane Elimination

Each child will need paper to make an airplane and a steady hand to get their airplane through the hula hoop or in the target (which could be a basket or trash can.)

All Access The Mad Hatters

Similar to musical chairs - call it musical hats if you want! The child who is 'hatless' is removed, and the game begins again, but with one less hat.

All Access Kool-Aid IV Race

Doctor and Patient take on new meaning in this partner game. You will need Long surgical tubes, Kool-Aid and cups. (maybe paper towels too!)

All Access Tee Pee Unroll

Give the first person on each team a roll of toilet paper - it's great if it is still wrapped in paper

All Access Creation Relay

Use the elements of this relay race to review the days of creation. Select two contestants who will compete using blindfolds, cups of water, whiteboard or chalk board, posterboard and markers, sleeping bag or blanket.

All Access The Nerve to Serve

You will need lots and lots of balls, or wads of paper, 7 children, as you teach about serving others.

All Access Sports Charades

This variation of charades was used during our Sport Unit that we were doing. You will need slips of paper with sports names written on them.

All Access Time's Up!

This "Cup Stacking" game requires a table, stop watch, calculator, and a bunch of cups.

All Access Fruit of the Spirit Game Review

This is an on-going game that builds week to week. Each Fruit of the Spirit has a hand motion to it. The game will get harder as the weeks progress.

All Access Pass the Squeeze

Fun but quiet game. Great as a filler when something "extra" is needed. You need LOTS of kids, a coin, whistle, and a hanky.

All Access Basketball Blitz

Craza teaching game requiring lots of small balls, trash can, duct tape, tall ladder and a cooperative spirit!

All Access Heads Up, Seven Up

Classic game for children to play and nothing needed except kids with thumbs!

All Access The Lego Gossip Game

For this important teaching lesson you will need Legos, Bell or Hanky on tall square table center stage for team competition.

All Access The Cheating Game

Candy, rewards and a "cheat" to get the point across add to the excitement of this game!

All Access Grab and Give

Teamwork is the key in this game which is played in rounds.

All Access Candy Grab--Greed

This is a very simple game that can be used as an introduction to a lesson on greed

All Access Paper Cup Pyramid

Friendly competition using 2 teams and lots of styrofoam cups. Great for boy/girl competition.

All Access Kidologist's Bible Riddle

You will need to reproduce the puzzle of the Books of the Bible. Kids are challenged to find the books of the Bible that are hidden in the paragraph.

All Access Memory Game with a Point

This Memory Game requires Two each of several memory devices: Such as... 3 1/2 inch floppy disks, blank CDs, Zip

All Access Passing the Word

Here is a simple game that teaches a great lesson on witnessing! You will need to conspire ahead of time with one team member from each team. You will need 2 inflatable beach balls, or other object

All Access Verse Memory Card Game

Life takes some guessing, and even if we are not sinning, we have to make choices. We should learn from watching the choices that others have made before us, both good and bad) and realize that others are watching us!

All Access Tarp Toss

Great Game for boy/girl competition! You will need a tarp and bean bags for each team of 4.

All Access Pyramid Verse Memory Game

This is a great game to teach kids a memory verse and also teaches them that it is a lot easier to get through life when we follow a plan: God's plan

All Access Globe Race

You will need 2 matching globes for this game that can be used just for fun or to introduce a talk on world missions.

All Access Paper Clip Race

You'll need boxes of paper clips to drive home the fact that "assumptions" are not always correct. Things are not always as they seem in life.

All Access Nail Pounding

This could be considered a game of skill involving some friendly competition!

All Access Winter Gear Race

Relay fun using Winter Gear (giant winter coats, gloves, knit hats, scarves, etc.). Could be adapted for other seasons or use Biblical costumes.

All Access Soap Verse Challenge

Bible Memory is fun using soap and water. 12 bars of soap (or number needed for verse) and 12 bowls/buckets of water (or one giant tub) and towels!.

All Access Pipe Race

Great Teamwork Game. You will need 24' tube of sump pump tubing & a super bouncing ball for each team.

All Access Un-Hang Man

Interactive lesson with a powerful teaching twist for upper elementary kids! Follow these instructions carefully and you will have a lesson filled with fun and laughter that ends with a somber challenge both for salvation and a surrendered life for kids already saved!

All Access Pass the Message

A great game to reinforce our purpose of Spreading the Good News without being stopped by Satan --Teams and 1 spy needed. Requirements: 3 1/2 Floppy disks or CDs

All Access Spot Enoch

A collection of action figures and/or dolls is required for this Teaching Game that requires children to "pay attention" in order to win points.

All Access Operation Walk with God

3-legged race that requires setting up an obstacle course to reinforce Bible Account concerning "Walking with God."

All Access Milking a Goat

Christian Life
Starter Christmas SAY WHAT PowerPoint Game!

This is a 'guess a letter' PowerPoint game that introduces Christmas and the theme of God's love through the gift of Jesus.

Popular Christmas Sayings
All Access Looking AHEAD! (A New Year's Devotional!)

A New Year's devotional or lesson that you can share with your kids.

Christian Life
All Access A Fresh Look at Your Ministry

View your ministry with a fresh perspective!

Vision - Evaluation
All Access Yeah, but I like you too!

Kidologist's Blog DewDate 11-30-2003 Reprint from Past Newsletter

Loved or Liked?
All Access The Mother of All Lego Ships

Kidologist's Blog DewDate 11-29-2003

All Access A Puppet Routine on Giving

All Access 3 Things Make a GIFT

Here is a great lesson that helps to teach just what it means that SALVATION IS A FREE GIFT.

All Access The Surprise Birthday Party

All Access After Christmas Blues Song

This song is sung to the tune of Don Fransico's "He's Alive" - it is a spoof - you sing it seriously, but it is actually very funny, especially if you introduce it as a song the Lord laid on your heart last night as you reflected on Christmas being over.

All Access Ornamental Memory Game

All Access Christmas "What Am I Thinking Of?" Game

A quick and easy Christmas themed game for use in your kidmin.

Christmas Game
All Access The Christmas Wrappers

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