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All Access An alternative to electronic check in

Can't afford an electronic check in system? Maybe your kid's ministry is still growing and doesn't justify the investment yet. Here is a solution that worked well for one church. 

Check In, Safety
All Access An Open House Policy

Here are some ideas that may help you create an ‘open house’ policy with your family.

Create a Welcoming Home
All Access Are Hungry Hearts Listening?

How should churches minister to hurting children?

Children of Divorce
All Access Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?

The Answer Guys bring you another great skit to help your kids answer the question: "Are some sins worse than others?"

Puppet Skit
Free Are You a Carbonated Geyser?

Remember the parched and thirsty deer that yearns for a drink at the cool waters? Maybe it's time to rethink that imagery in light of New Testament teaching.

Ministry Direction, Change
Free Are You a Cruise Ship or a Dinghy?

Find out if your ministry is a Dinghy or a Cruise Ship based on your recruiting practices!

Recruiting, Volunteers
All Access Are you a Preacher Who Pastors or a Pastor who Preaches?

Do you preach or do you pastor?

Pastoring vs. Preaching
Free Are You A Protective Parent or A Pro-active Parent?

How can you help shape the things that your child loves?

Parenting, Relationships
All Access Are You Flying Over Mission Fields to Get to the Mission Fields?

Do you know where YOUR mission field is?

Divorce Care, Single Parents, Local Missions
Free Are You Sabotaging Your Ministry Volunteers?

We know it's not intentional. You would never purposely sabotage your volunteers. But what if it's happening anyway? These quick tips may help you become more aware of how you may be jeopardizing the volunteers in your ministry.

Leadership, Volunteers, Partnering
All Access Are You Teaching Your Kids a False Gospel?

How can we teach our children about the real God if we sugar-coat who He really is, and who we really are?

Free Are you working too much?

Are you working too many hours each week? Are you in danger of experiencing burnout? Do you work for your boss or for the Lord? How many hours do you think God really wants you to work? Find some encouragement for saying no and setting up boundaries. 

Balance vs. Burnout; Leadership Tools
Free Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

If you will learn to make a habit of asking yourself these questions, you can move from being your own worst enemy to becoming your greatest asset.

All Access As Unique As a Snowflake

This simple Bible lesson for preschoolers is perfect for those Sundays when you have snow on the ground. It could be used in Sunday School or Kids church. Some families could also use it as an outline for a family devotion.

All Access Ask Me No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies

Why do some divorced and single parents lie to their kids? What affect could this have on them longterm? How can you help?

Divorce, Lies
Free Backyard Evangelism for Children's Ministry

An exciting form of outreach in the perfect location for reaching kids.

Outreach, Missions, Event
All Access Bag It!

Use grocery bags to teach children a Bible memory verse!

Bible Memory Verse Activity
All Access Baptism and Kids

A Question and Answer Time with the Kidologist! How do you know when a child is ready for baptism? How do you explain the meaning of baptism? How do you make a child's baptism memorable?

All Access Baptism Booklet

Here is an excellent Baptism Booklet for you to use with your kids!

Baptism for Kids
All Access Baptism Class Notes pt. 1

Helpful notes on how to run a Baptism class for 3rd graders and up.

Baptism, Salvation
All Access Baptism Class Notes pt. 2

Small Group Leader Guides used in Baptism Classes for kids.

Baptism, Salvation, Small Groups
All Access Baskets for Jesus!

He drives, he shoots, he scores! The Lord wants us to be active, working for Him in this lost world, serving others and sharing the Gospel to win souls. When we put our hands to God's work, the rewards are great. We are on the winning team!

Christian Life
All Access Be Proactive

You can be the victim in your ministry. Or you can be proactive with your ministry.

Leadership, Struggles
Free Be Still, Be Still... BE STILL!!!

Life gets crazy this time of year. Here is a hypothetical conversation between a children’s ministry leader and God. Is this YOU?

Reminder for Busy Times in Life
Free Become An Awesome Sunday School Teacher

Want to be an awesome Sunday School teacher? Here are four ways that you can become the best Sunday School teacher that you can be!

Sunday School, Teaching
All Access Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

Why are arts and crafts projects important for your kid's ministry?

Arts and Crafts
Free Best (and Worst) Attention Getters for Teaching Kids

Teaching kids is kind of an art form. So how do you keep their attention without pulling your hair out? Try these attention getters!

Classroon Control
Free Best Quotes Ever To Kick You In the Seat and Get You Moving

These are the WORLD’S BEST QUOTES for kicking you in the pants and shoving you into action.

Motivation, Inspiration, Leadership
Free Bible Lesson: Putting God First

Here is a Bible Lesson from Haggai about putting God first.

Lesson about Putting God First
All Access Bitterness, Loyalty, and Family Drama in the Story of Ruth

God wants us to be loyal and faithful to our friends and family; even when things seem challenging, He will work things out for good.

Lessons, Ruth, Loyalty
All Access Brain Science & The Bible: Are They Enemies?

How do science and faith co-exist?

Science, Faith
All Access Break Out of Your Teaching Rut - Go Take A Hike!

Dig out of your rut by taking a hike!

Sunday School, Effective Teaching
Free Bringing Families Together

There's a reason why some families would choose to skip church for sports or other activities. The church needs to learn how to bring families together.

Families, Programming
All Access Bringing the Bible to Life!

I can’t think of anything more important to get creative about than your presentation of God’s Word. Here are some ideas for how you can use visuals aids to bring your stories to life!

All Access Build a Good Reference Library

Learn how to become a reference librarian of your memories with God.

Library, Memories, History
All Access Build Something Worth Building

Are you building something that has worth?

Eternity Focused
Free Can a Pastor Take a Day Off?

Can a Pastor take a day off? Yes, you CAN get a day OFF. And it can be Amazing!

Leadership, Mistakes, Recruitment
All Access Can Children of Divorce Multi-Task?

Can children of divorce be productive while doing several things at once?

Free Can Kids Help Grow Your Church?

The church growth people tell us that kids are one of the top three reasons why people choose a church.

Church Growth
All Access Candy Cane Balancing Act

Jesus quickly gets overshadowed at Christmas by all the hype. This opening icebreaker object lesson helps kids learn to make Jesus #1 all year long.

Making Jesus #1 in our Lives
All Access Care, Beyond Compare!

The effort to create a caring paradigm in children’s ministry has to come from the Children’s Pastor in concert with their leadership team. When the leader creates that kind of caring atmosphere among the teachers, it gives permission for the quality of care to trickle down like rain on the children.

Children's Ministry Team
Free Celebrate the One

Each week, God has provided committed children's ministry volunteers for our needs, but as the ministry leader, it is my job to ensure that screened, trained, committed, Christ-following volunteers show up to care for and teach the children He brings to us.

The Importance of Every Volunteer
All Access Check List for A Better VBS

A checklist that can help you improve your VBS every year!

VBS, Evaluation, Leadership
All Access Children of Divorce and Overcoming Anger at God

This is a study of the anger that so many children of divorce feel towards God for letting their family fall apart.

Anger Towards God after Divorce
All Access Children of Divorce Need YOU to Help Them Manage Their Behaviors

How can you and your volunteers help children deal with stress?

Divorce, Behavior
All Access Children's Ministry Manual for Volunteers

A 25-page Children's Ministry Manual for your volunteers!

CM Manual, Volunteers
All Access Children's Pastor as Counselor

Picking up some basic counseling knowledge has been a huge part in my growth as a children's pastor.

Basic Counseling Skills
All Access Chinese Take-Out: A Bible Memory Verse Activity

What do Chinese take-out and Bible memory verses have in common? Find out with this tasty activity for preschoolers!

Bible Memory Verse Activity
Free Choose to Speak Life

God brings many people (staff, volunteers, parents and children) into our circle of influence. Pray for them, and choose to speak life into their lives. 

Encouragement, Inspiration
All Access Christian Lyrics to the London Bridge Game

Have you ever played the London Bridge Game? These Christian versions of this children's game will not only be fun for your children, but will also help teach them about God!

Children's Games
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