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All Access Making the Cross Real for Children -- Response to The Passion movie

Helpful hints on how parents can bring the reality of the message of the cross to their children in a relevant and appropriate way.

All Access Ministering with the end in mind

Are we ministering with the end in mind? Here’s is what I mean by that. Do we have an end goal in mind for a child as they grow up through our children’s ministry, then through our youth ministry and then on to adulthood. Another words we can say we want a young person to be able to do this or say this when they are all grown up.

Family Ministry
All Access Of Fish Heads and Tiny Squid

Harrowing and hilarious children's ministry moments may contribute to some grey hair and wrinkles, but God gives strength, energy and a sense of humor for the ride!

All Access One of These Things is NOT Like the Others

A comparison between Santa, the Easter Bunny and Jesus

All Access PJ's Box

A creative way to encourage children and parents to communicate with their children's pastor/leader.

Free Preschool Ministry Out of the Closet

Preschool Ministry can appear to be be scary if you are not prepared. Preparation for it is simple though and through this article I will try and walk you through coming out of the closet of maybe some past assumptions to current relevance.

Preschool Ministry
All Access Purpose of Music

Music has a way of getting into the depths of a person’s emotions and affecting their thinking, actions, and moods. God has given us the gift of music, so let us use it wisely for Him.

All Access Putting Your Vision Out There

Effective ways to let others know about your vision for ministry.

Using Your Vision
All Access Quick Reference: How to lead a child to Christ

Here is a step-by-step way of leading a child to Christ that I wrote for the volunteers at my church.

Leading a child to Christ
Starter Racing to the North Pole

Help the kids see we are all far from God's kingdom and need His forgiveness.  

Forgiveness, Grace, Salvation
All Access REVIEW: Shadowmancer

This review is about a Christian version of the Harry Potter books.

Book Review
All Access Review: Voyage of the Friendship: A Musical for Young Voices

Voyage of the Friendship: A Musical for Young Voices is a fully outfitted children's musical, complete with everything you need to pull off a musical production in your church. Except for the children. You have to provide them. But I think you knew that already. Nominated for a Dove Award in the category of Best Children's Musical in 2007, Voyage of the Friendship earns its critical recognition with stellar musicality, extensive support features, and a pervasive biblical worldview which permeates a timely message.

Children's Musical Review
All Access Roasting Marshmallows

As parents we need to intentionally introduce our children to the presence of God.

Starter Setting the Tone for Worship in Children’s Ministry

In this article I explore the importance of attitude and example in setting the tone of worship in children's ministry.

Worship in Children's Ministry
All Access Some Great Ways to Stay at Your Best

Here are some tips to help you stay at your best in the ministry.

Spiritual Renewal
Starter Spark Interest in Missions

The older we get the harder it is to leave it all behind and go to the mission field. It is no wonder kids respond to the missionary call. Here are some ways to get kids interested in missions.

All Access Spice Box

Encouragement to Teachers by Adding Zing, Zest and Pizazz to your teaching

Spice Up Your Teaching Ministry
All Access Taking the Spiritual Temperature of Your Ministry.

Are you a thermostat or a thermometer?

Effective Teaching
All Access Taking the spiritual temperature of your ministry.

Is your class room spiritually hot or cold? Its up to us as teachers to set the spiritual climate of our class.

Children's Church
All Access Teaching Children about Salvation

There is much confusion today about what it means to be a Christian. It is very important that what we teach children about their relationship with God is accurate.

Starter Teaching, the Final Frontier

A dramatic metaphor of classroom discipline based on the Original Star Trek Series. I wrote this in partial fulfillment of a teaching component in my seminary internship. It is based on real events.

Classroom Discipline
All Access Ten Commandments as a Sunday School Teacher

Dr. Henrietta C. Mears (1890-1963), a Presbyterian Christian education director, had a profound influence on the way contemporary educational ministry is conducted. Her influence covered the breadth of the field, including church program development, teacher and leadership training, curriculum publishing, camps and conferences, and missions education. Her legacy endures through contemporary approaches to Bible study and Sunday school material, the ministries she founded, and the lives of outstanding Christian leaders who have impacted the world for Christ. This is a collection of her writing.

Sunday School Inspiration
Starter Thanksgiving: It's An Ugly Day for Many Kids

Recognizing and discussing the general needs of children who suffer during Thanksgiving and other holidays due to family problems.

Ministering to Children Who Suffer
All Access That Thin Wire Thingy in a Light Bulb

All ministry can be broken down into these two elements: build a bridge; turn on a light.

Key Concepts for Ministry
All Access The Impacter Principle

principles to transform any Children's Ministry

Principles that work in Children's Ministry
All Access The Power of an Effective Preteen Ministry

If you don't yet have specific programming for preteens, be encouraged to launch something!

Preteen Ministry
Free The Strategy of Jesus

Lessons that I learned from the strategic ways of Jesus. These may be quick to read but,like all of the things of Jesus, pack a great punch.

All Access The Surprise

Short story and puppet script that can be used for Mother's Day or other event to teach honor/obedience.

Mother's Day, Honor, Obedience
All Access The Water of Life

Encouragement for Children's Ministry Teachers.

Keeping Teachers Wet and Wild
Free There's an App for That

With the Bible at the touch of an iPhone, what does it mean for kids to be biblicaly literate in the Internet age?

Biblical literacy, technology
All Access Top 10 Tips for Starting a New Children's Ministry

Here are TEN TIPS for getting a solid children's ministry off to a GREAT START from a veteran of Children's Ministry!

Gettin' Started
All Access Weekly Ministry Tasks

Weekly list of tasks that must be accomplished on a weekly basis.

Organization / Time Managment
All Access What I've Learned About God While Working in Children's Ministries

After 5 years of ministry, I came to the conclusion that I could summarize my lessons using 3 simple truths. Learning these truths has not always been easy, but they are simple.

From the Heart
All Access What's Up with Harry Potter?

An overview of the world of Harry Potter, along with positives and negatives for parents to consider.

Harry Potter
All Access Why America Needs Children's Ministry

Be wise and understand the times you live in. Conduct your children's ministry with a sense of purpose. But never forget that where sin abounds, grace abounds more (Romans 5:20). And as crazy as it sounds, we live in a world where the grace of God has a lot of room to abound. And after all, isn't that why you are in children's ministry?

Children's Ministry
All Access Why I still give altar calls

Are altar calls still relative or an effective method of church evangelism?

Altar Calls
All Access Why I Won't Let My Kids Read Harry Potter

13 Reasons Why I Won't Let My Kids Read Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter
All Access A Few Thoughts on Pokemon...

Please don't merely attack Pokemon - if you do, you miss the point, and you will lose credibility with the children you minister to. Talk to them about what is REAL. And don't assume they will take the darker road just because they have a Pokemon cards.

All Access Are Children's evangelist a dying Breed?

Why are there not more quality children's evangelist? why don't children's evangelist stay on the road very long? Find out why...

Children's Evangelist
Free Movie Review: Strawinsky and the Mysterious House

A review of the movie Strawinsky and the Mysterious House from Hope Animation.

Movie Review
Free Kidology Report: Looking Ahead - Trends in Children's Ministry

The Kidology Report tackles the "Top 10 Trends in Children's Ministry" that will impact your ministry in the years ahead.

Children's Ministry Trends
All Access Kidology Report: Book Report - Rock Solid Kids by Larry Fowler

The Kidology Report reviews Larry Fowler's book, Rock Solid Kids, and discusses the need for churches to give "Children's Ministry" back to parents.

Family Ministry
All Access Kidology Report: On Location - Aurora First Assembly of God (Aurora, CO)

The Kidology Report interviews Andrew VanDerLinden, Children's Pastor at Aurora First Assembly of God (Aurora, CO)

All Access Book Report - Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions by George Barna

The Kidology Report reviews George Barna's book, Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, and emphasizes the importance of churches catching a vision for kids' ministry.

Children's Ministry Strategy
All Access Book Report - Children's Ministry that Works! by Various Authors

The Kidology Report reviews the book, Children's Ministry that Works!, which gives valuable insight on how to shape a complete ministry by some of the best-known minds in ministry: Jim Wideman, Christine Yount, Craig Jutila, Sue Miller and several others. In a way, this book is the mentor you never had!

Children's Ministry Foundations
All Access Book Report - Postmodern Children's Ministry by Ivy Beckwith

The Kidology Report reviews Ivy Beckwith's book, Postmodern Children's Ministry, and provides practical ideas on how to reach this emerging generation.

Postmodern Children's Ministry
All Access Book Report - The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School by Aaron Reynolds

The Kidology Report reviews Aaron Reynolds' book, The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School, and provides ideas on how to transform your children's ministry.

Reinventing Children's Ministry
All Access Kidology Report: Book Report - Children Matter by Various Authors

The Kidology Report reviews the book, Children Matter, which focuses on the people and relationships of children's ministry, authored by four seminary professors: Scottie May, Beth Posterski, Catherine Stonehouse, and Linda Cannell. It's challenging and refreshing!

Children's Ministry Theory
All Access Kidology Report: Book Report - Crucial Concepts in Kids' Ministry by Randy Christensen

The Kidology Report reviews Randy Christensen's book, Crucial Concepts in Kids' Ministry, which discusses the foundational issues of children's ministry from the ground up.

Children's Ministry Fundamentals
All Access Kidology Report: Book Report - Children's Ministry in the 21st Century by Various Authors

The Kidology Report reviews the book, Children's Ministry in the 21st Century, which focuses upcoming trends shaping children's ministry, authored by Craig Jutila, Jim Wideman, Pat Verbal, and others.

Children's Ministry Trends
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