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Looking for some great ways to communicate the Gospel with kids? This Zone has Gospel presentations and other helps for reaching kids with the Good News!

Have an awesome Gospel Presentation? Don't keep the good news to yourself!

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Free Have You Reset the Gospel Lately?

"Doing stuff for God" is our default setting. Sometimes we need to hit the reset button. 

Reset Your Ministry
All Access His Name Endures Forever: An Object Lesson

An object lesson to use following worship to explain to kids how Jesus washes away our sins, yet he endures forever!

Worship Response, Object Lesson
All Access How Can They Hear?

This is a skit to help explain to children why we give money for compassion projects and not just money for Bibles.

All Access How Do Preteens Become Missionaries? (Part 2 - Involve Them)

Don't wait until kids are "old enough" to do missions work. Get them involved early!

Evangelism, Missions
All Access How Do Preteens Become Missionaries? (Part I - Creating an Interest)

Don't wait until kids are "old enough" to do missions work. Get them involved early!

Evangelism, Missions
All Access How Do We Train Our Kids to Stand Firm?

Our kids are not being crushed by atheism they are being seduced by secularism, materialism, and individualism.

Standing Firm in Adversity
All Access How Do You Encourage Preteens to Grow and Develop

Ever thought of where to start when it comes to getting your preteens to develop and own their faith? It all starts with encouraging them. Check out what FourFiveSix has to say about this very topic.

Preteens Growing
All Access How Do You Spell GO?

How do you spell GO? Your spelling is likely to have a big impact on winning your community to Christ.

Personal Evangelism
All Access How Important Is It... That We Teach the Gospel to Kids?

Gospel Training
All Access How Kids Walk Away

How do we keep kids from walking away from their faith?

All Access Is The Church In Crisis?

How are you meeting the challenge of church closings?

Starter Is Your Children's Ministry Outwardly Focused?

Is your church outwardly focused? Are you reaching out to the people in your community?

Missions, Outreach
Free It Takes Two

Here is an object lesson to demonstrate the importance of believing in Jesus and confessing Him as Lord.

Prayer of Salvation
Free Lead Children to Jesus

Leading kids to Christ is by far the most important responsibility we are entrusted with, here are ten guidelines to help you reach the kids.

Salvation, Counseling, Ministry
Free Leading Children to Christ

The time to lead a child to Christ is now. 

All Access Leading Your Child to Christ

The greatest contribution you can make to your child’s well being is instilling a fervent love for Jesus Christ. But how does this happen? What steps must a parent take in order to lead their child to Christ? How can you ensure that what happens at church is a supplement and not a replacement for spiritual guidance at home?

Child Evangelism
Starter Mudville - Children's Book FREE Download

Download this book from 289 Design for FREE.

Free Book Download
All Access Now What? Salvation Follow Up Booklet

Review of Salvation decision following a child's surrender to Christ.

All Access Parent Meetings + Talking about Technology

In this episode, Sean Sweet talks about 2 different things that can give anxiety when it comes to preteen ministry. First he talks about how to have percent meetings, and then he talks about Technology and how we can help parents understand what their kids are dealing with.

Partnering Parents
All Access Praxis of Nurture in Small Churches

Glen Woods is well known as thoughtful practitioner of children's ministry. Here he offers his doctoral dissertation on family ministry especially as it relates to small church ministry. For those willing to dive into the topic seriously, they will find this engaging, challenging and thought provoking.  

Partnering with Parents
All Access Sharing the Gospel with Kids

4 steps to simply sharing the Gospel with the kids in your mnisttry

All Access Six Types of Lost Kids

Create more effective strategies for reaching the lost, by gaining an understanding of the types of lost kids.

Lost, Evangelism,
All Access Social Distancing & The Church - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

How do I teach “Go To Church” when the church doors are closed?

Being the Church
All Access Stewards of the Story

How do we best preserve God's story through the generations?

Stewardship, God's Story
All Access The Most Misunderstood Concept about God

God is not Santa Claus. His grace is unlike Santa's gifts. It's way better.

God's Character, Grace
All Access The Problem of Second Generation Christianity

Do “Second Generation Christians” really understand the Gospel message?

Discipleship, Family Ministry, Gospel
All Access The Problem with Second Generation Christianity

Is spiritual knowledge enough to believe your child is 'saved'?

Free Think Like a Missionary

What methods do we use to teach our kids to be missionaries?

All Access Three Ways Going Pro Helps Kids Grow Spiritually

Teach your kids to 'go PRO' in their spiritual growth.

Spiritual Growth
All Access What Should We Teach Our Kids?

Children are open to hearing the Gospel. Are you speaking it?

Sharing the Gospel Message
All Access Who is Responsible to Disciple my Kids?

Who is Responsible to Disciple my Kids - the church or me?

All Access Why Are We Still Losing Kids?

How can you help your children encounter God personally?

Spiritual Formation
All Access Why is Loyalty Important?

What's the big deal about being loyal to others?

All Access Why Isn't It Working?

Despite all our best efforts, the kids in your ministry sometimes still stray from the faith. How can we as leaders help keep kids on the right path?

Salvation, Evangelism
Free Why Online Church is Not Church

Is church still church if it's online?

What is the Church?
All Access Rethinking Follow-Up of Child Converts

A children’s evangelist gives us five steps that might just change the way you think about the follow-up of child converts. Drawing upon over 30 years of full-time evangelism experience with children, Rev. Barney Kinard challenges us to rethink what we are really doing with follow-up. These insights are not only thought provoking, but they can provide a framework to develop your own follow-up program.

All Access 3 Things You May Have Overlooked

A visual object lesson - the audience misses the obvious. Do we miss out on the most important thing in life?

Christian Life
All Access Bridge to Heaven

Gospel Presentation
All Access Easter-In-A-Box Neighborhood Outreach

This is a creative way for people in the church to form relationships with those in their community around Easter time.

Easter/Neighborhood Outreach
All Access Evangelism Hole-in-One!

Sharing the good news about Jesus is the most important thing we as Christians can do. Since it is the most important thing we can do, we should learn how to do it in the best possible manner.

All Access How to Fish for Christians

You need to reach out to others, and when they are ready, they will bite!

All Access Jesus Makes us Clean

This lesson presents the Salvation message with a craft project that will bring home the point. With simple adaptations, it could be used with a wide variety of age groups.

All Access Knock Knock

It's important to know what behaviors are Godly and what behaviors are a result of a sinful nature.

All Access Leading a Child to Christ

This is a short overview of how to lead a child to faith in Christ. It is the outline used by the Kidologist in his workshop by the same name. Includes the classic 'star fish story.'

All Access Proof!

Did you know Paul used a legal argument to prove Jesus rose from the dead?

Evidence for Jesus Resurrection

This game show skit will get your kids involved, and put them on the floor laughing. You can perform it as a puppet skit or as a live skit using your drama team. Or you could take it to the streets and get a community involved. You will need the following: Jesus and costume, three contestants and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy!

All Access The Disciple Link

We may never be the person to start a church. BUT we may be the person who claims Jesus as our savior which will cause a sequence of events which will lead to great things for the glory of the Kingdom!

Sharing your faith will effect others
All Access Cafe Poetry

This event is a creative twist for kids where children are guided into different literature stations to explore and celebrate creative literature kids-style.

Exploring literature with God
All Access Christmas Through The Years

Christmas Through The Years is a skit about the emptiness of chasing our own dreams. Molly Richards becomes the Queen of Rock and Roll, only to find that inside she's the Queen of Emptiness. After running from God for years, when she reaches rock bottom she final gets saved.  

All Access Dive In Movie

Great summer community outreach idea!

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