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Now you can help kids learn about God through the use of their hands! Yes, you too can appear to be a creative genius (we won't tell where you got your ideas from!)

So grab that puffy paint, glue together some popsicle sticks, and start teaching with crafts!

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All Access Easter Tomb Craft

Great craft for Easter

All Access Gifts of Love

Make a gift to show your love for your parents and to thank them for the love and care they have shown you.

All Access God's Word is My Umbrella!

I did a craft to go along with Karl's story, George and the Umbrella.

All Access Golden Goblets

Use this simple craft to make bottles that look like real golden goblets!

Creative Craft
All Access Grass Head

This is a craft to make a head that will have grass grow from it.

All Access Hand Print Flower

These are directions to make a flower with kids handprints.

All Access Jar Shakers

Instructions for making noisemakers

All Access Jesus in My Heart

All you need is a heart-shaped cut out, tape and a drinking straw.

All Access Jesus Makes us Clean

This lesson presents the Salvation message with a craft project that will bring home the point. With simple adaptations, it could be used with a wide variety of age groups.

All Access Jonah and the Whale Craft

This reinforces the story of Jonah in the whale.

All Access Layered Christmas Storybook Craft

All Access Magazine Christmas Trees

I have a craft night near Christmas. We make little Christmas trees out of Reader's Digest magazines.

All Access Making a 'Fun' Christmas card

Instructions are given for making a 'fun' Christmas card.

All Access Mini Flannel Board

These are instructions to make a miniature flannel board.

All Access Mother's Day Craft

Here is an easy to do craft that could easily be adapted as something special the children can make for Mother’s Day.  

Mother's Day
All Access Oscar Craft

Talking about cleaning up our lives or grouchiness? Make little "Oscar the Grouch" trash cans as your craft.

All Access Personal With Christ On Easter Eggs

Using either plastic or real eggs decorate eggs with the childrens names on them and some type of information from the bible, Example: The name of a Book, a person or place.

Egg Decoration
All Access Pig Planter

Any lesson on growing in Christ can go with this craft, or story of the prodical son.

Pig Craft
All Access Prayer Prints

This craft reminds kids of Prayer!

All Access Rain Sticks

Paper Towel rolls, toothpicks ,rice or barley.

All Access Recipe for Finger Paints

finger paint
All Access Scratch and Sniff Watercolors

A recipe for watercolors that smell!

All Access Sidewalk Paint

A recipe for sidewalk paint

All Access Silly Putty

This is a recipe for Silly Putty

All Access Sink or Swim Sno-Globes

Reinforces the lesson of Peter trusting Jesus and walking on the water.

All Access Stepping Stones

A wonderful keepsake children can make!

All Access Storage Tins

These covered cans may be used for storage or organizers for children's room, craft cupboard, etc.

All Access Sugar Cube Cross

This is a yummy craft (though you can't really eat it!)

All Access Teacher Appreciation Lollipop Corsage

Something fun to have your teacher's wear on Appreciation Sunday!

All Access TP puppets! (cheap and effective)

TP roll puppets - simple but fun!

All Access Valentine magnet

Valentines Day Gift
All Access Wash Cloth Bunny Basket

Great Easter craft

All Access We Are Love Lights

We are the light of the world.

All Access White as Snow Globes

This creative snow globe craft reminds kids that Jesus makes them white as snow!

Isaiah 1:18
All Access Witness Bracelets

This is the Wordless Book To Go! Kids can wear the wordless book and share Jesus when friends ask about their bracelet!

Wordless Book
All Access Wordless Book Bookmark

These are instructions on how to make a bookmark.

All Access Candy Wreath

A candy wreath to share or give to family or friends.

Sharing, Manners, Giving
All Access Clothespin Raven

This is a craft to use along with the story of Elijah being fed by the ravens.

All Access Flyswatter Painting

Make this craft to go along with any of the "fishing" stories.

Fish Net
All Access Hands & Faces

By using a traced out figure of their own hand, kids can decorate it with a face and even hang it up in their room!

God Created People
All Access 'Map to Heaven' Craft Add-On

A creative finisher to the "Map to Heaven" craft using a lemon and some heat.

Starter Prayer Rock

A poem on a sheet of paper that kids can color and then wrap around a rock to remind them to pray.

All Access The Great Commission

This is a great way to show what we should do after learning that the tomb was empty!

Recycle Craft
All Access Balloon Turkey

Make a turkey craft using a rubber glove.

All Access Better than Magnetix

Using peas and toothpicks to build crafts and structures.

Starter Blank Domino Template

Use this handy template to create your own paper dominoes to suit any theme.

Make your own Dominoes
All Access Cornucopia of Thanks

A cornucopia made out of paper plates which has a pocket full of thanks.

All Access Father's Day Card and Craft

Fun and easy craft for Father's Day

Father's Day
Starter Kids Book Template

Using this template and a poster board book cover, kids can write their own story and illustrate with their own artwork!

Allow kids to create their own story book!
All Access Life Size Armor of God

A month long lesson making life sized armor of God costume.

The Full Armor of God
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