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Kids Today Are Highly Visual!

Bring your lessons to life with PowerPoint presentations. Worship, games, and teaching segments can all be improved greatly with PowerPoint presentations. Here you will find many ideas and sample PowerPoint Presentations from the Kidologist and other Kidology visitors that you are welcome to use in your local church ministry. A few require a purchase, but most are free! You will probably need to do some editing to customize to your situation and needs, but these will save you a lot of time!

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All Access The 12 Spies

This PowerPoint is all about trusting God and his plans for you.

Trusting God
All Access The Art of Kupstacko

A goofy introduction of Speed Stacks.

Speed Stacks
All Access The Baptism Game

In this game, kids learn more about John the Baptist while having fun too!

All Access The Bird Cage

This was one of those "tear jerker/ email/ forwarded /stories" that I illustrated for childrens church. I think it helped illustrate the idea of Jesus setting us free.

Christ's sacrifice
All Access The Chasm

The Bridge Gospel Presentation on Power Point

All Access The Penny Doubled

A good illustration of the principle of multiplying when planting in good soil. It not only lends itself to a tithing message, but a witnessing/evangelism message as well.

All Access Top 10 Things You'll Never Hear Your Mom Say

Creative Opening or Introduction

Fun Introduction
All Access Turn Down the Noise!

This PowerPoint introduces the discipline of solitude to children. We live in a busy world – kids will be challenged to ‘turn off the busyness’ and seek God.

All Access Verse Machine

A tool to help kids have fun & get excited about the Bible while memorizing 1 John 1:9.

1 John 1:9
All Access Verse Memory Game

This is a alternative for teaching Bible verses

Bible verses
All Access Welcome to Kidz Connection!

This ia a neat introduction presentation

Welcome to Kidz Connection
All Access What's Missing?

This is a autoplay file that lets you play 'whats missing' without having to collect all the objects! Just click one time and the game plays by itself!

All Access Bible Quizzing Game

Divide the children into teams. Questions can be modified easily. Use off-the-shelf quizzing books. Backgrounds can be changed during the year to keep it fresh.

Bible Quiz
All Access Concentration

Review the memory verse with a game of Concentration.

Memory Verse Review
All Access Cross That Fish Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe game using crosses and fish in PowerPoint.

Bible Review Game
All Access David's Guessing Stones

A PowerPoint-based review game when teaching about David & Goliath.

Review Game
All Access Deliberation

Bible Review Game built in PowerPoint featuring 4 clues for each unknown Bible character.

Bible Review Game
All Access Finishing Well PowerPoint

A PowerPoint lesson on determination using Paul as an example of someone who was determined to keep serving God despite many trials.

All Access Flannelgraph PowerPoint Stories

A PowerPoint take on flannelgraph characters

Bible Story Illustrations
All Access Freedom: A Fourth of July PowerPoint

A Patriotic lesson on Freedom

4th of July, Freedom, Independence Day, & Romans 6
All Access I'll never fogive them

Billy Beaver is building a dam and Oliver Otter accidently crashes into it destroying it. Billy refuses to forgive him till he understands the consequenes of unforgiveness.

All Access Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint template for Bible review themed to "Jeopardy!" game

Bible Review Game using Jeopardy game
All Access Lord's Supper/Communion

This is a study of the Lord's Supper/Communion with some procedural information.

Lord's Supper/Communion
All Access Meaning of the Cross

Symbols represent many people, places or things. What do the following symbols mean to you?

Symbols and their meanings
All Access Name that Movie!

Team game PowerPoint used to identify the names of recent films.

Icebreaker game based on movie titles
All Access PowerPoint Game for The Heaven Express

Choose your Train. Click the Train

The Heaven Express
All Access Three Nights of Fun PowerPoint

Three shows for three nights of fun for 6yr-12yr children.

Kid's Explosion
All Access Top 10 excuses why I don't want to take a bath!

Here's a fun ice breaker activity provided in PowerPoint format

PowerPoint Ice Breaker
All Access Tournament

PowerPoint tournament screen used for an object lesson about greatest Bible character besides God.

Tournament Screen
All Access Virtual Pet

A partially functional virtual pet for PowerPoint.

Burden Bear
All Access Wheel of Fortune

A Bible memory review game based on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune.

Bible Memory Review
All Access 50 Ways God Loves You

This PowerPoint visualizes 50 ways God loves you thru a 50's theme.

Love, 50's Theme
All Access Baptism Class for Parents and Kids

A Baptism curricula for kids interested in being baptised

All Access Cain & Abel PowerPoint Flannelgraph

A PowerPoint/Flannelgraph presentation retelling the story of Cain and Abel.

Cain & Abel
All Access Calling God

This PowerPoint can be used as a Bible study on prayer that highlights the different answers God gives us when we pray to Him. Use the PowerPoint slides as illustrations to go along with the discussion below.

Starter Code Word Balderdash

Using a simple deck of balderdash cards, create this game causes ongoing fun throughout your program that keeps kids listening and focused throughout! Great as a repeated, ongoing weekly part of competition!

Silly words, silly definitions and tons of fun!
All Access Deal or No Deal

A Kids Church Deal or No Deal PowerPoint Game.

Deal or No Deal PowerPoint Game
All Access Easter PowerPoint Game

This is a simple matching game reviewing the symbols of Easter, similar to the “Resurrection Eggs”.

All Access Egyptian Dreams

Visual illustrations of the dreams of the cupbearer, baker, and Pharaoh

Joseph Interprets Dreams
All Access Herod, the King Who Missed Christmas

PowerPoint visual story (with notes) about Herod, the king who missed Christmas.

Christmas Story
All Access He's Alive!

These PowerPoint slides can be used to present the whole gospel story from beginning to end. Special sound effects are also included.

All Access Holiday Poem Contest

Holidays / Fun
Starter Honor is Honorable

Sue Kahawaii posted a wonderful lesson in Kids Church Lessons about honor. I am using it to teach our Wednesday night kids club. I made a PowerPoint to go along with the lesson.

All Access Jacob and Esau PowerPoint Flannelgraph

A PowerPoint/Flannelgraph presentation retelling the story of Jacob and Esau.

Jacob and Esau
Starter Java Countdown

Just a nice 10 second timer that I put together on Powerpoint. Enjoy it if you can use it!

Countdown 10 Second Timer
All Access Jesus Calls the Disciples PowerPoint Flannelgraph

A PowerPoint/Flannelgraph presentation retelling the story of Jesus calling the first disciples based on the account in Luke.

Luke 5:1-11
All Access Kid's Church Jeopardy

"Jeopardy!" for kid's church

Game Show Like Games
All Access Kid's Church Squares

"Hollywood Squares" for kid's church

Game Show Like Games
All Access Memorial Day Observance

This power point with notes covers three main topics: "In the World, Not of the World" "War of the World" "Mercy on the World"

Holiday Power Point
All Access Memorial Day PowerPoint Sermon

Quiz and discussion slides to teach Memorial Day

Memorial Day
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