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Giant Kids Ministry ABC's of GOD Curriculum

13-Week Curriculum for Kids Church

The ABC's of GOD is a curriculum that teaches basic truths about God through some of the most well-known stories from the Bible. The purpose of the ABC's of GOD is to present the Grammar of God, the basic foundational facts of God's nature, and His dealings with man. Even more basic than doctrine, these facts define a right concept of God in even the youngest of children. A unique addition is the God's heart element, where the children will hear fresh from the Holy Spirit what God's perspective is for each beloved story.

The curriculum download includes:
  • Introduction
  • 13 powerful lessons
  • 13 easy-to-use puppet skits with Peek-Abu, a loveable angelic character who was "there for it all" - well almost
  • 13 sets of PowerPoint slides with Memory Verse and Key Points from the lessons
Download an Introduction Sample
Download Lesson 5 PDF
Download Lesson 5 PPT

This download resource is available instantly after purchase by clicking on My Downloads at the top of any page.

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