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StorySticks with 10 Bible Stories + 3 Bonus Stories

Kidology Exclusive: 3 Bonus Stories!

StorySticks are an innovative visual-aid to illustrate Bible stories. Capture the imagination and attention of young and old alike by making your stories memorable—tell stories that stick!

What are StorySticks?

StorySticks are four simple wooden sticks connected at three joints. By manipulating them, you can create shapes that become "hooks" to hang the main points of your story on.

StorySticks are handmade in the USA from maple (an American hardwood) and designed to pack flat and perform easily. Folded size: 1 1/8" x 11 1/2".

When you purchase a set of StorySticks through Kidology's Store, you will also receive 13 illustrated stories, including:
  • Creation
  • Naaman and the Servant Girl
  • Jesus' Unusual Birthday
  • Boy Jesus Visits the Temple
  • Preaching Ministry of John
  • Temptation of Jesus
  • Wedding Feast of Cana
  • Nicodemus
  • Woman at the Well
  • Calling of the Disciples
  • Baptism of Jesus
  • The Good Samaritan
  • The Triumphal Entry
These 13 stories are only available with the StorySticks when you order via Kidology!
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