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Spyence Mission #1: Time Alone with God

6-Week Curriculum

Spyence Mission #1 is a 6-week curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th-graders that teaches kids how to spend time alone with God. You can use it in Kid's Church, Sunday School, AWANA, and more!

Don't use all your time teaching your kids how important it is to spend time with God.
Instead, teach them HOW to spend time with God.
They already know it's important, they just don't know how to DO it!
  • How can they read the Bible without getting bored?
  • How can they pray without their mind wandering?
  • When should they do their quiet time?
  • How can they avoid distractions from all their electronic devices during this time?
Let's help kids answer those questions and many more, so they can get to know God better themselves. Just think how their spiritual growth will take off! Instead of getting just a weekly dollop of Bible truth every Sunday, they'll get to know God better EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Spyence Mission #1 comes with everything you need:

  • a teacher's guide with a full script
  • video segments to show the kids
  • opening activities
  • science object lessons
  • review quizzes
  • small group questions
  • teacher's training videos
  • and more
Not only does Spyence Mission #1 include all of our best lessons on how to have a quiet time with God, but you'll share those lessons through a super-fun Spying/Science/Secret-Mission format.

Learn more about the Spyence Curriculum.

Read a summary of this curriculum series and preview it on YouTube.

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