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Yancy Kidmin Worship Vol. 4: Popular Worship Songs

Latest resource from leading children's worship expert Yancy

Yancy Ministries presents their newest worship resource
brand, Kidmin Worship, featuring an assortment of resource products for churches to use with elementary and preteen children.

Each volume of Kidmin Worship contains five songs, each with Lyric Videos, Motion Tutorial Videos, Audio Recordings, Song Charts, and Lyric Sheets. Each video and audio recording are featured three ways with unique audio mix options (Stereo Mix with Yancy’s lead vocal, Stereo Track with no lead vocal, and Split Track with all vocals on
the left side and all instruments on the right side allowing the track to be custom mixed from all instrumental to all vocals plus all combinations in-between).
Volume 4: Popular Worship Songs includes:
    • We Believe
    • Good Good Father
    • There Is Power
    • Forever
    • Praise the King

    Click here for personal message from Yancy, video preview of Volume 4 and more details.

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