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J12<i> L7  </i> Leadership Program

J12 L7 Leadership Program

From A-Z, L7 is a cohesive process to help your preteens become a young leader as they are taught the basic principles and practical tools to Live the 7 powerful words Jesus spoke at 12, I must be about My Father’s business.

This 4 week intensive includes lesson plans, coach’s playbook, worksheets, schedules, resource CD, DVD overview, an L7 Student Book, and even a plan for a Graduation Ceremony.

Training topics include:
  • Sharing and Owning Your Faith
  • Looking People in the Eye and Delivering a Firm Handshake
  • Becoming Aware of the Needs Around Them
  • Making Guests Feel Welcome at Church
  • Speaking in Front of a Group
  • Praying for Their Friends
Click here for a sample lesson.

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