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High Voltage Kids Ministries Remember Me Curriculum Download

Single Lesson Download on Communion

Remember Me teaches children the importance of communion and what the bread and the juice represent.

This lesson includes the following:
  • Lesson Intro Video: Naje talks about the Last Supper
  • Character Skit: Complete comedy script featuring Chuck Foo
  • Game: “Grape Shot" Game
  • Illustrated Lesson: Full lesson Remember Me teaches kids about the importance of Communion and the symbolism behind each element
  • PowerPoint Slides: Graphics to enhance every part of the service
  • Review Questions: See how much the kids learned
Since this is a one lesson download, we are unable to provide a sample lesson.

Originally a part of the series, What a Day!, this is the first time, Remember Me has been released as a single lesson download. The other lessons in that series, Face the Test and Trapped! are also available separately.

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This download resource is available instantly after purchase by clicking on My Downloads at the top of any page.

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