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Go Fish: Snooze Album Download

Go Fish: Snooze Album Download

Attention All Parents: this album is for you! When it's time for everyone in the car to settle down, when it's time for your little ones to get ready for bed, when you need a break from the noise - it's time to take a SNOOZE. This album features great songs like You're My Little Girl, Catch a Falling Star, and Welcome to the World. SNOOZE makes a perfect baby gift and has been featured in Focus on the Family's audio journal.

Songs included on this album:
  • Snooze
  • Catch a Falling Star
  • The All Day Song
  • SkinnamarinkyDinkyDink
  • Little Buckaroo
  • You're My Little Girl
  • You are Mine
  • Awake
  • Sail Away
  • Welcome to the World
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