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Animated Kids Bible Genesis: Creation Interactive Lessons 1-3

A Sunday school teacher's dream come true!

Animated Kids Bible
Genesis: Creation
Interactive Bible Lessons 1-3

The Animated Kids Bible finally gives you a way to teach your kids about the Bible while also keeping them entertained and interested. Not only do they get to see the movie, the "Video Lessons" also present them with Bible facts and quizzes to make sure it sank in.

The videos are visually stimulating, with the latest in CGI digital effects. They present the kids with cartoon Bible stories full of vivid characters and great animation, that will keep them glued to the screen.

The Animated Kids Bible is meant to be enjoyed over and over again. The tests are there so you can make sure your kids get it, and there are songs and stories your kids will want to watch again and again.

  • Contains Four Disks
  • Plays on all DVD players - Worldwide
  • Contains three major bible lessons
    • Creation
    • Adam and Eve
    • Cain and Abel
  • 120 minutes of video (Samples)
  • Study handouts
  • High quality prints
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Individual Episodes also available via download:
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three

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