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Safe and Secure Training Video Promo

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Child Security Training Video

A Child Security Training Video for use in Your Ministry.

This is a video made by Karl Bastian for the volunteers at his church, in order to train his own leaders and volunteers in child safety and security in the children's ministry.

However, he made it "generic" (no mention of his church's name) so that you can use it in your own ministry if it would be a help to you.

Here is a watermarked FULL preview from Youtube:


There are two ways you can show this to your own volunteers. All Access Members have access to:

1) Downloadable the MP4 version for use in local church ministry.

2) Access to a shareable Vimeo link that can be distributed with password so that any volunteer can watch on any device without a Kidology membership.

Also included below for members are sample signs added to our check-in area and classrooms as reminders for our security rules, as well as the script of this video in case you'd like to customize it for your own ministry and make your own video. I used it in an iPad teleprompter video to record the video.

All Access Members click here for all these resources.

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