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Need some help getting new volunteers to help out in your children's ministry? Here you will find a collection of articles, ideas and resources to assist you in the ever present dreaded task of RECRUITING and KEEPING your volunteers!

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All Access How People Get Into KidMin

From my vantage point and experience of getting to know many children’s ministry leaders, I have concluded that there appears to be five typical ways or scenarios that people use to enter the profession of Children’s Ministry or Kidmin Jobs. Which one of these Entry Scenarios describes you?

Children's Ministry
Starter How to Deal with a Burnt Out Volunteer

Discover 3 ways to help your volunteers through burn-out. 

Volunteer Burn Out
Free How to Develop a Volunteer-Training Program

Use your current volunteers to develop volunteers.

Volunteers, Training
All Access I'm My Mama's Reflection

Use this simple skit to teach your kids about reflecting God in their actions.

Reflecting God
All Access Invigorate Your Volunteers

Ebook resources for you to recruit and train volunteers

Volunteer Recruiting/Training
All Access Is it Time to "Fire" That Volunteer?

Firing someone is not an easy job. But sometimes it IS necessary. 

Volunteers, Leaders
Free Keep It Short

Do your volunteers need training, but don't have time to attend training? Don't fret. Here's a practical tip for you.

Leadership, Volunteers, Training
Free Kid Volunteers: The Welcome Table

Are you looking for creative ways to get kids involved in serving in your ministry?

Getting Kids Involved in Serving
All Access KidCheck Series Part 3: Reducing the Risk of Juvenile Offenses in Children's Ministry

Thanks for joining us for the third and final post in our “Reducing the Risk of Juvenile Offenses in Children’s Ministry” series. In Part 3, we’ll share some key elements of the youth safety plan, including details on how to properly screen volunteers, the steps to take when managing an incident, ways to include those in your ministry who have past offenses, and as a final point, we’ll sum up the top action steps you can take immediately to reduce offenses in children’s ministry.

Abuse Prevention
All Access Leading Mockingjays

Are those you lead just mockingjays, mindlessly repeating what they hear you say? Or do they sufficiently understand and communicate your vision?

All Access Make Sure You Don't Make This Mistake When Writing Volunteer Job Descriptions

Writing volunteer responsibilities can be the hardest part about putting together a volunteer job description for Children’s Ministry. 

Job Description, Volunteers, Recruiting, Hiring
All Access Making Children's Ministry Attractive to Volunteers

Looking for ideas about recruiting, training, and keeping volunteers? Here are ten great ways you can be an attractive children's ministry to potential volunteers!

All Access Recruiting Tool: Don't Fear Kidmin Flyer

Give this fun flyer to your volunteers and have them give to a friend to invite them to serve in kids ministry.

All Access Recruiting Volunteers: Who and How to Recruit

Learn 3 important steps to take when recruiting volunteers. 

Recruiting, Volunteers
All Access Sublist: Deep & Wide

Recruiting is difficult, but your ministry can begin to have a waiting list of volunteers if you make a Deep and Wide Sublist.

Recruiting, Sublist
All Access Summer Camp Manual

This is an amazing planning manual compiled by CP Team member Scott Phillips to help those tasked with the job of planning a summer camp.

Summer Camp Planning
Free Summer Lovin: Recruiting Volunteers

Short on volunteers this summer? Here's what we did to recruit volunteers to step in and serve!

Recruiting Summer Volunteers
All Access The Art of Being Mentored

Learn how to be mentored and who you should pursue as a mentor.

Leadership, Mentor, Development, Intern
All Access Training New Leaders

How do you train new leaders? There are many different methods for training new leaders for your ministry, but here are several steps that are each an essential part of every leadership training. The following steps will help guide you as you train your new leaders.  

New Leaders, Training
All Access Training Youth to Become Children's Ministry Leaders

Steps to train youth to help them become outstanding children's ministry leaders.

Training, Youth
All Access Volunteer "Benefit Package"

Preparing your "benifit package" for your volunteers

All Access Volunteer Engagement: How To Keep Volunteers Involved In Your Ministry

How to keep volunteers engaged in your ministry

Volunteers, Involvement
Free Volunteer Recruitment is Fun

Make recruiting fun while you purposefully involve your volunteers in the process.

Volunteers, Relationships
All Access What the Church Can Learn From Apple

How do you honor those who work for you? How do you honor those who leave?

Honor, Volunteers
All Access When You Say 'Easy', They Hear 'Unimportant'

Are you making it too 'easy' for volunteers? Maybe it's time to challenge them. 

Recruiting, Training Volunteers
All Access Why People Aren't Excited about Your Children's Ministry

Do you feel tired and frustrated by the lack of support and excitement for your ministry? Here are strategic questions to ask to help you examine why.

Vision, Volunteers, Parents
All Access Recruiting Tool: Turkey Jokes Postcard

Download these funny postcards to encourage your volunteers this season!

Starter Recruitment Idea

A great source for volunteers on Sunday mornings.

Recruitment, Volunteers
All Access Recruiting Tool: The Perfect Gift

Download this invitation for parents to volunteer in their kids' ministry!

All Access 3 Steps to Successful Recruiting

I have 3 steps to help recruit in children's ministry. Know where you are going, know who you are recruiting, and know what's next.  

All Access Christmas Gift of Appreciation

Seeing how important volunteers are in ministry, but having limited resources, we came apon this idea that many went "head over heels"about.

Inexpensive Gift for Volunteers
All Access Christmas Worker Appreciation Event

Christmas time is a great time to express appreciation to the people you work with through the year

Taking care of volunteers
All Access Give Your Teachers Orange Cones

A great way for teachers to let you know when they need help in the classroom without having to leave the room.

All Access Simple way to say...

Simple and inexpensive way to let your volunteers know you appreciate them.

Volunteer appreciations
All Access Volunteer Application

This is the application I use with all my volunteers in my Children's ministry.

Screening Volunteers
All Access VOTE YES!

To show our appreciation for our teachers and volunteers in ministry we used the theme VOTE YES! (since it is election year). Use red, white and blue for all decorations.

Volunteer Appreciation
All Access Workers screening

Worker screening resources

Importance of Screening workers
All Access A thank you idea for volunteers

Struggling for an idea to thank your volunteers? Read on....

Thank You idea
Free Grow Through Vision

We all seem to want to grow our churches, ministries, businesses and the such but more often than not we don't see that growth. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

Starter Kids Ministry VIP room

Create a room for your kids ministry volunteers to get a few refreshments before or after their scheduled time to serve. This not only gives them a place to get to know other volunteers in the kids ministry, gives them natural things like food and drinks, but it shows them that you're thinking about them. I guarantee it'll be the talk of the church.

Volunteer Appreciation
All Access Parent and Worker Survey Forms

Here are some example parent and worker survey forms

Survey Form
All Access 10 Common Mistakes That Stifle Children's Pastors

Ten things to avoid in your children's ministry.

Key Concepts for Ministry
All Access A Safe Place

An article that uses a personal experience to look at the necessity for both spiritual and physical safety in ministry.

All Access Appreciation Luncheon

A way to serve your volunteers...

Volunteer Appreciation
Starter Five Things That CM Volunteers Need

I believe there are a number of ways in which children's ministry volunteers need support from their leaders. In this article I briefly explore five key things that seem relevant in just about any ministry context. Use these ideas to spark creativity in your own leadership.

Leading Volunteers
All Access Imagine Being Used by God

Beginning of the year kick off event for Children's Ministry Volunteers, using the theme of "imagination" featuring typical children's toys and games.

Volunteer Team Motivation KickOff
All Access Lessons from a 'Rookie' Children's Pastor

What lessons did the Kidologist learn early on in ministry besides not playing games with marshmallows in a room with red carpet?

leadership / ministry
All Access Top 10 Tips for Starting a New Children's Ministry

Here are TEN TIPS for getting a solid children's ministry off to a GREAT START from a veteran of Children's Ministry!

Gettin' Started
All Access Weekly Ministry Tasks

Weekly list of tasks that must be accomplished on a weekly basis.

Organization / Time Managment
All Access Who Wants to Be a Volunteer

A fun skit to recruit volunteers

Volunteer recruitment
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