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Feeling Like Quitting? You Should!

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ABC's of KIDOLOGY: The Letter "Q" = Quit!

Full Article: Give It Back To God

1. Get it in your head: It's not your ministry!

2. Let others hear you talk about the ministry as God's

Maybe it is time to give your ministry back to God. Here are some steps that might help:

  • Give the ministry back to God in prayer. Consider writing it out so you can be thoughtful and thorough. Confess acting like it is your job to fix everything, staff everything, and run everything. Confess it if you have treated God like a volunteer who needed to bless your plans and solve your problems.
  • Thank God for placing you as the steward of His ministry. Think about all the good things happening and thank him for them -- the children, faithful workers, a heritage of ministry, supportive leaders, your position.
  • Make a list of the needs and/or problems in God's ministry and pray about them. Not "God do this" or "God change that" or "God provide this." Instead, ask "God what are you doing? These are the needs I perceive, but I'm trusting you to reveal your plans through answers to prayer, the no's as well as the yes'."
  • After giving the results of these things to God, make a list of the things YOU can do to work on them as God's steward. What visits, calls, or announcements can you make? How can you advertise, promote, or communicate the needs? Who can you invite to pray with you, for you, and for these needs?
  • For the things that God doesn't seem to be answering, pray and think about what God could be up to. Testing your trust? Suggesting a new strategy? Asking for changes?


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