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This is the place to find things written or submitted by the creator of, Karl Bastian.

Use Karl's creativity to your advantage! Browse his ideas, plans, games, and more, and use them as is or adapt them for your ministry!

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All Access Bricks of Life!

Take time to listen to God's leading.

Act of Kindness
All Access Bible-Quotin' Bill and the Sword of the Spirit

The Dark Evil Man and the Sword of the Spirit

Sword of the Spirit
All Access Grandpa's Keys

Keys for Life!

Keys for Life
All Access An Ugly Unwanted Dog Turned Hero!

An Ugly Unwanted Dog Turned Hero!

Something ugly can be beautiful!
All Access One Glass of Milk

One good turn deserves another!

God repays kindness
All Access The Lesson of the Rabbit

Learn to stand still, but be ready to run from temptation.

Be on guard!
All Access Truthful Trudy and the Belt of Truth

The Dark Evil Man and the Belt of Truth: Trudy learns to stop telling tall tales and tell the truth. She discovers the Belt of Truth can help her.

Part of the armor of God - The Belt of Truth
All Access The Adventures of the Four Seeds

This story is based on the parable of the sower and shows what type of seed you should be and where you should be grounded.

What type of seed are you?
All Access The Messenger

A Medieval Drama that is a parable of the offer of salvation using with a King's Son being willing die for a conficted prisoner.

A powerful drama about being ready for Jesus' retu
All Access On the Witness Stand!

If you were accused of being a Christian, what would a jury decide based on the evidence?

Drama in a court setting about being a real Christ
All Access George and the Umbrella

George learns that an umbrella doesn't work unless you open it. The same is true of God's Word.

The Importance of Reading God's Word
Starter Why Come as a Child?

Jesus didn't have to come as child... he had some other options...

All Access The E-mail That Made My Day

Once in awhile you get an e-mail that isn't spam or another "to-do" or another reminder of something you forgot to do.... and you get one that makes your day, and makes everything else suddenly totally worth it. This was one of those e-mails.

Eternal Results
All Access Flatman and Bobbin #3 The Destructo!

The Bumbling Duo save Messyopolis by discovering the secret to defeating The Destructo and learn that everyone needs encouragement!  

Starter Never Ending Ticket!

A SUPER COOL Gospel Presentation that the kids will love - lots of audience participation!

Gospel Presentation
All Access The Magic Coloring Book Bible

Magic Coloring Book Explanation

All Access What's Up with Harry Potter?

An overview of the world of Harry Potter, along with positives and negatives for parents to consider.

Harry Potter
All Access Ways to Make Kids Feel Special

We all love kids! Here are some very practical ideas of way to SHOW it!

Shepherding Children
All Access Setting GOALS for Your Ministry

Purpose, Mission and Vision are critical to a ministry's success, but without goals they are difficult to bring into reality. Evaluating your progress also becomes nearly impossible! Goals break down a grand vision into attainable action steps. Let us show you how to setup these goals.

Starter Finding Your Ministry Calling

Would you like to KNOW why God put you here on this earth? Wouldn’t it be great at the end of your life to be able to say, “I have finished the race?” But how will you know if you have finished the race unless you know what race you are running? This article, which reveals the personal story of the Kidologist's calling, will give you some insight on how YOU can discover YOUR calling.

All Access Putting the Pastor Back into Your Job Description

You went into children’s ministry because you love working with kids, but the ‘higher up’ you get in leadership, the less it seems you get to minister directly to children. Learn how to continue to make a personal impact on many children so that you are as much a shepherd of children as you are an administrator of children.

All Access Kid's Church Top 10 - Christmas

What are the Top 10 Toys that DIDN'T make it to market? This is a FUNNY lesson intro for Christmas time.

Power Point Christmas
All Access How to Fire a Volunteer

How do you fire a volunteer? That's a tough question, but here are some guidelines you will find helpful as you approach this delicate duty!

Volunteers, Guidelines
All Access Relational Ministry vs. Respect as a Leader

How can I lead relationally while maintaining respect for my position. 

Relationships, Leadership
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