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Here are a bunch of ideas for Father's Day! Not only will you find new ways to appreciate dads, but also ideas for teaching who really is the World's #1 Dad!

Dad Jokes:
Three boys are in the schoolyard bragging about their fathers. The first boy says, "My Dad Scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a poem, they give him $50." The second boy says, "That's nothing. My Dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a song, they give him $100. "The third boy says, "I got you both beat. My Dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a sermon. And it takes eight people to collect all the money!"

Or remember the 3-year-old who prayed, "Our Father, Who does art in heaven, Harold is His name. Amen"

Be sure to check out: Father's Day Ideas by Barney Kinard

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All Access Thanks, Dad

A puppet learns that his complaints about his dad aren't really all that valid and that his dad is worthy to be thanked.

Father's Day
Free A Sermon in Shoes

What kind of shoes do you wear, Dad? What would your kids say about the shoes you wear every day? Let us remember to wear the kind of shoes to build lasting memories of love and time spent with them, and of service to God.

Father's Day
All Access Donuts for Dads / Tie Craft

A Father's Day craft that can be used as a way to reach out to Dads who normally will not come to church.

Father's Day
All Access Father's Day Card and Craft

Fun and easy craft for Father's Day

Father's Day
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