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Author/Source: Barney Kinard

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The following are a collection of ideas that you might try in your family. Maybe just one of these ideas will help someone in your family better celebrate Father's Day.


Father’s Day Ideas
By Rev. Barney Kinard


The following are a collection of ideas that you might try in your family. Maybe just one of these ideas will help someone in your family better celebrate “Father’s Day.”

1.     Create a “Coupon Book” 

A coupon book would include practical and helpful chores that would be age appropriate, that the children could do. It could be made of twelve 3x5 cards (one for each month). The coupons might include things like: one free car wash, shovel snow, pick-up leaves, pull weeds, cut the lawn, pump gas into the car, free ice cream (your choice), free shake and/or hamburger, sweep the driveway or clean the garage. It is fun to customize these cards with your kid’s abilities and Dad’s interests.

2.     Gift Certificate for Tools

Most Dads tend to appreciate new tools. Why not prepare Dad an unexpected gift certificate from Home Depot, Sears and Roebuck or any local hardware store or auto repair store.

3.   Support Dad’s Hobby

Try to think of something that Dad might need to go with his favorite hobby. Stamp collection, coin collection, gardening, fishing repairing the house, bowling reading and auto repair, to name a few ideas. Customize this idea to your Dad’s interests.

4.     Dad’s Meal Out

Consider a favorite place or special meal that the family can celebrate with Dad. This could be breakfast on Saturday, Sunday brunch, or a weekend lunch or dinner. Let Dad make the meal choice or the place of his choice.

5. Travel “Goodie Bag” Idea

      Dad can take this decorated bag with him on trips. It has small items in it that he would like to remind him of his kids and family while away from home.  It could include things like: gum, nuts, travel sized toothpaste, shave cream, deodorant, mints, pictures of the kids, candy bar, note pad and pen, coffee coupon, comb, phone card to call home and a post card with a stamp. Your kids could get creative doing variations of this one. Make Dad smile and remember.

5.     Surprise Outing for Dad

This idea will take some planning, but the outing is a secret destination, until you get there. It could be a movie, a concert, an amusement park, a trip to his parent’s home, shopping, a meal out, maybe a picnic, fishing trip, auto races, county fair, horseback riding, a tour or a mountain drive. The fun of this one is keeping the secret and enjoying Dad’s response to this family effort.

6.     Dad’s “Little-Helper” Cards

This idea works for younger kids. Dad is presented with a collection of maybe 6-12 cards (3x5) with simple errands he can present when he needs a little help from the kids. Some card suggestions are pick up the mail, get the newspaper, get some tool, hold the flashlight, water a plant, and take out the trash or pick up after some project.

7.     Surprise Party for Dad

This family project involves some adult planning with help from the kids. You can celebrate fatherhood on a day other than Father’s Day, so family and friends could be available. Dad could be surprised when his extended family and friends show up for this surprise party.

8.     New Family Pictures

Arrange for the whole family to get new family pictures. Present them to Dad on Father’s Day. Include a wallet-sized one for Dad and each family member and maybe grandparents.

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