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All Access Preparing The Next Generation For Revival

Author Cheri Fuller has developed a wonderful three-step model for engaging children in prayer: invite, equip and release. When applied to revival praying, this model takes on powerful significance.

Kids and Prayer
All Access Raising Holy Children

When we think of those we know who live holy lives, we generally don’t think of children. Children need two important things: example and opportunity. If holy living is not demonstrated to them, we cannot expect that they will grow up with a desire to be holy.

Raising kids
All Access Teaching Children To Pray: Some Basics From The Scriptures

Children can be taught the basics of prayer from the Lord Himself, who has given us some very specific instructions. The simplest and most powerful way that children (and adults too) can grasp and understand prayer is to read and follow God’s How-To Manual of Prayer--The Bible. Study one of these prayer concepts together each week and put them into practice so that children will begin to weave prayer into the fabric of their every day lives. The Lord will be faithful as your children grow in their prayer lives.

All Access Tenacity

Reasons not to give up when everything seems hard.

All Access The Cost of Freedom

They gave you and me a free and independent America. The history books never told you a lot about what happened in the Revolutionary War. We didn't fight just the British. We were British subjects at that time and we fought our own government! Some of us take these liberties so much for granted, but we shouldn't. So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank these patriots.

USA Freedom
All Access The Transforming Power of God's Word in the Child's Life

Jeremiah 29:11: What a powerful legacy for any child--or for any Christian! Almighty God has told us that He has wonderful plans for us. Here are some practical steps toward bringing your children to fullness in Christ, through employing the powerful Word of God.

God's Word
All Access You Looking Good

One of the biggest challenges for any children's ministry leader is helping the adult congregation recognize that your ministry is a vital part of the kingdom plan for the entire church. These suggestions and hints are proven in hundreds of churches. Formulate a strategy for growth.

Promotion of CM
All Access

Here is a great lesson for children on the story of Balaam's talking donkey. Through this story, kids will learn that they need to listen for God's guidance.

Children's Lesson
All Access "I Can't Feel God Today"

What will you say when a little child says to you, “I can’t feel God today”?  

Divorce Care
All Access "Whether" getting you down?

Find out how you can calm the 'whethers' in your kids' lives, even if you can't control the 'weather'.

Divorce, Uncertainty
Free 10 Children's Ministry Secrets

Not everything in ministry is self-evident. Some things that seem true—or effective—can produce substandard results. Read these tips on how to be most effective in your ministry.

Leadership Tips
Free 10 Common Mistakes Church Staff Members Make

If you work (or have worked) on a multiple member staff at a local church, you know that it is not always easy to maintain unity and cohesion among the team. Much of the reason for that includes some of these common mistakes made by church staff members.

Leadership, Relationships, Workplace Issues
Free 10 Easy Ways to Partner with Families in Your Ministry

Ten easy steps to help you get started on your goal to partner with families in your church.

Partnering with Parents, Leadership, Equipping
Free 10 Essential Classroom Supplies

Do you have a list of classroom supplies? Here are my top ten essential classroom supplies.

Classroom Supplies
Free 10 Fundraising Ideas for Kids Church

Exciting ways to raise money for your Children's Ministry and get others involved.

Fundraise, Money
All Access 10 Interactive Storytelling Ideas for Elementary Kids

Use these awesome tips to make your teaching more interactive!

Storytelling, interaction
Starter 10 Questions to Get to Know Your Kids Better

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the details of pulling off a weekend service and totally miss out on the opportunity to get to know the children in your ministry.

All Access 10 Scripture Passages for Children's Ministry

Here are 10 Bible passages for every kidmin to know. They will provide a Scriptural foundation for their ministry.

Bible, Leadership, Philosophy of Ministry
Free 10 Things Children's Ministry Volunteers Expect and Deserve!

What do volunteers really need from their leaders to give them support and help them feel appreciated? Hear what these volunteers said. 

Volunteers, Appreciation
Free 10 Tips To Help You Prepare for the Fall

Fall is right around the corner, and we have to be ready! Prepare now by keeping the following tips in mind.

Preparation for Fall
All Access 10 Ways To Build a Prayer Team for Your Children's Ministry

Do you have a prayer team for your children's ministry? One of the most powerful tools believers have in ministry is prayer! Here are ten ways to build a prayer team for your children's ministry.

Children's Ministry, Prayer
All Access 10 Ways to Manage Behavior Problems in Sunday School

How to deal with behavior problems with kids in your ministry

Behavior, Correction,
All Access 10 Ways To Overcome Ministry Discouragement

Every kidmin faces discouragement, this article gives you ten ways to overcome it.

All Access 100 Questions for Kids - Easy Conversation Starters in English

Do you have trouble engaging with kids? Try these 100 questions to get you started. 

All Access 11 Things You Can Do To Make A Kid's Day

Fun simple ideas for engaging kids!

Engaging Kids
All Access 110 Reasons I Love Children's Ministry

Need a good reason to love Children's Ministry? How about 110 reasons?

All Access 1-2-3 Spell G-O-D: A Fun Bible School Activity for Your Preschoolers

Here is a fun Preschool Bible activity to help preschoolers learn that life has its ups and downs, but God is in control and works for the good of those who love Him, according to His purposes!

Preschooler's Activity
All Access 15 Minute Anxiety Detox for Leaders

Do you need an anxiety detox? Take 15 minutes and help yourself with these steps to decrease anxiety.

Stress Relief
All Access 15 Ways to Have an Average Children's Ministry

Many children’s ministry leaders do things that keep their ministry average at best. Here are a few of the ways I’ve seen that churches  maintain average instead of healthy and excellent.

All Access 16 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Children's Pastor

Phrases that everyone should refrain from saying in front of any Children's Pastor.

All Access 2 Words To Avoid With Your Kids (And Co-Workers)

Have you ever used "Extreme Language"? We all have. The trick is to become aware when we're doing it, and put an end to it. Otherwise, we might start to believe it. 

Relationships, Leadership
Free 21 Questions to Ask Those You Lead

One of the most important skills a leader needs to learn is to listen. Here are 21 crucial questions we need to learn to ask. 

Leadership, Listening
All Access 22 Great Family Thanksgiving Ideas

A mom and dad share 22 of their favorite Thanksgiving family traditions.

All Access 3 Characteristics of Healthy Teams

Two people are better than one. They get more done by working together. Ecclesiastes 4:9

Teams, Volunteers
Free 3 Important Things to Help Kids Develop a Heart of Worship

Worship is an important part of the Christian life. In order to develop a heart of worship in children who are new in the faith (or young in age), there are some practical steps you should take.

Developing Heart of Worship
Free 3 Keys to Add More Volunteers To Your Ministry Team

How do you get more volunteers into your children's ministry?

Recruiting Volunteers
All Access 3 Keys to Survive a Collapse

Exhaustion happens, stress is likely, and often collapsing is inevitable. Learn how to keep moving forward when you are going through a collapse.

Stress, Tired, Ministry
All Access 3 Leadership Blind Spots and How to See Them

Each of us have blind spots in our life and ministry that we may not be aware of.

All Access 3 Parenting Fears and How to Face Them

"What are you most afraid of as a parent?" This question evokes fear and uncertainty in many parents. How can you move from fear to rest and trust?

Family, Parenting, Fear
Free 3 Reasons Why Kids Need Systematic Theology

Times have changed. As children's pastors and parents, we need to realize that our kids need more than what we're teaching.

Theology, Teaching, Culture
All Access 3 Reasons Why You Should Theme Your Children's Ministry

You've no doubt seen the latest craze in children’s ministries: kid themed environments. Here are 3 reasons why your church absolutely needs a themed Children's Ministry.

Children's Ministry
All Access 3 Reminders From The Rough Side of Ministry

Sandpaper can hurt. But it also smoothes out our rough edges. How will you use the sandpaper that God has put in your life?

Leadership, Difficult People
All Access 3 Resolutions for your Church Ministry in 2019

What small things can you do to make 2019 even better for your ministry?

Resolutions, New Year, Priorities
All Access 3 Steps for Taking Ownership of Your Curriculum

The curriculum we use should not set the direction of our children's ministry. As a #kidmin leader, you should tell the curriculum the direction of your ministry.

Curriculum, Planning, Leadership
Free 3 Temptations Every Leader Has to Face

What are the temptaions that new... and seasoned... leaders face? How can you overcome them?

Free 3 Things Every Pastor Should Say During Christmas

Every pastor or minister wants to be relevant during the Christmas season and point people toward Christ. Here's timely advice on what they need to say.

Pastor, Christmas
Free 3 Things Having Kids Has Taught Me

A few life lessons as taught by kids

Lessons in Life
Free 3 Things I Tell EVERY Volunteer

How do you minister to the kids in your care? It shouldn't be just in the classroom. 

All Access 3 Things That Need to Change About How Our Kids Worship

We have lost the art of teaching our kids to sing a heart song in exchange for Tik Tok.  

All Access 3 Things We Can't Do While Staring At A Screen

Do you spend too much time in front of a screen? Find out how how you can stay engaged, even while staying plugged in. 

Technology, Relationships
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