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3 Delegation Tips for Busy Kidmin Volunteers

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Author/Source: Janelle Hoos

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In charge of ministry? You don't have to do it all!


Whether paid or volunteer, all kidmin leaders need to develop the skill of delegation. Kidmin leaders are busy people! Take some of the pressure off and practice good leadership by delegating responsibilities. Here are three delegation tips for busy kidmin volunteers.

1. Do what you are good at (and really love!) and delegate the rest.

Sometimes in the busyness of Children’s Ministry, you end up giving up what you love to do in order to make sure everything else is covered. One of the bonuses of being a leader is the opportunity to focus on what you are really good at and delegate the rest to your other volunteers. And there’s nothing wrong with this! Do what you good at and really love and delegate the rest.

2. When you delegate it gives other volunteers a chance to grow their gifts.

Your volunteers have gifts and skills that you don’t have. When you delegate, you are giving them the opportunity to develop those gifts and skills. That is why delegation is not a bad thing…It’s a very good thing. A good leader understands that they have to give over some responsibility in order to allow their team to grow.

3. Delegate responsibility, not just tasks.

There are certain tasks that need to be done in Children’s Ministry – cleaning up classrooms, ordering curriculum, tidying the resource room. When you delegate to your team, give them responsibilities not just tasks. For example, rather than delegating the task of tidying the resource room this week to a volunteer, give that volunteer the responsibility of seeing to the organization of the resource room for a couple of months or a year. When you delegate responsibilities rather than tasks you are also giving the volunteer some authority to do the job as they see fit.

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