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The Purpose of Music

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Author/Source: Pastor Jeanne McIntosh

Topic: Worship

Why do we need music? We use music to express our worship and love to God, our fears, dreams, hopes, and even our testimony to others.

Why do we need music? What is the purpose of music? What kind of music is important? These are important questions to consider among adults, children, and teens. Music is a way to express ourselves. We express our emotions through music; sometimes we select music that is soft with a slower tempo, other times a faster tempo of music, loud music, cheerful, romantic, religious, or even silly songs. All these may affect our moods and express what we are feeling at the time.

We use music to express our worship and love to God, our fears, dreams, hopes, and even our testimony to others. Have you ever had a bad day, been discouraged, gloomy, and heard a favorite song on the radio and before your knew it those feelings had diminished? Music can lift the soul, lighten the heart, clear the mind, refresh the weary, bring tears to the saddened, uplift the discouraged, convict the soul, and encourage the downhearted.

Types of music will affect our spiritual tune with God. Hymns will testify to what God has done for us, comtempory music will express adoration and praise from the soul to God, classical music will sooth and relax the mind, serve as background music in a conversation between people, or may create an atmosphere of romance between two people who love each other. It is important what we feed our minds for this will affect our spiritual walk with God. Music has a way of getting into the depths of a person’s emotions and affecting their thinking, actions, and moods. It can trigger response that may be good or bad depending on what we are listening to. Lyrics are vitally important and should be considered when attempting to share with others or even when alone. God has given us a sound mind to use good judgment on what CDs and radio stations we should listen to. He has given us the gift of music, so let us use it wisely for Him.

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