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Author/Source: Pastor Jeanne McIntosh

Topic: Worship

What is worship? How do we worship on Sunday mornings? Should we show outward expressions to what we feel?

What is worship? How do we worship on Sunday mornings? Should we show outward expressions to what we feel? These are questions we may wonder about at times. Worship involves many aspects. We worship through giving our tithes and offerings; we worship through giving praise in testimony to God; we worship in our prayers offered to God; we worship through our active part in hearing the Word and the sermon; and we worship through music.

We are raised in different cultures that make us what we are to a big degree. Some find ways to express outward expressions though an amen, praise the Lord, a raise of the hand, clapping, and revealing a happy countenance. All of these are appropriate; yet, none of them make worship alone. Worship comes from within the heart due to having a right relationship with God. Some people are more expressive than others. For some, it is not in their comfort zone to speak aloud in church or raise their hands.
If we could only get beyond who is around us, and think about who we are worshipping we may find it easier to give God all that He deserves. He delights in our praises. It does not matter to Him if we clap, shout, close our eyes, raise one or two hands, shout halleluiah, or tap our feet. King David danced before the Lord. He enjoys it all and is worthy to be praised. However you find this comfortable for you - go for it! The Holy Spirit will help us to give praises to God.

There will be times we need to get out of our comfort zone and take a step in initiating praise to God. Let us not judge one another in how and what we do, nor seek the approval of people. There are probably many times when I have been tied up inside due to what people will think. This ought not to be. I must be myself, and take the liberty of my freedom in worshiping God. He alone is worthy of all my praise in whatever manner that I feel led of the Spirit.
If we will obey Him, He will receive the glory and we will be a blessing to someone else. Make an effort to offer praise in worship to Him this week! Even better, begin today!

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