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Free Becoming a Problem?

Allow me to challenge you to accept these problems and not lose heart.

All Access Children Have Questions About The Attack On America

As America tries to come to terms with the vicious and deliberate attack on our nation, adults and children have been impacted. Many of the children we minister to are asking questions and trying to understand in their minds what happened this week. I would like to pass along the following encouragement and suggestions to those who minister to children.

All Access Discipline that Disciples

Making Your Discipline Problems Disappear!

Free Don't Waste Your Devotion

How do we encourage our kids to own their faith and love Jesus forever? The key is in our example.   

Passing On Faith To Your Kids
All Access For the Benefits of Others

Distributing the Load
All Access From Playing to Praying

How to Involve Children in Church Prayer

All Access Game Time

Having FUN!
All Access Having A Vision for Your Ministry

Having a Vision
All Access How to Kill A Church Program Before It Kills You

The greatest key to success in children’s ministry is knowing which programs to do and which ones not to do. Every situation varies. You have to decide which programs are worth the time, money, people and energy and which are not. Energize the ones that are; slay the ones that aren’t.

All Access Internship 101

We have a responsibility to invest in those who desire to go into children's ministry. A well thought out internship is a great place to start. Here are some pointers to help you have a wonderful experience.

All Access Kinds of Calls

The call comes in a variety of ways or combination of ways, but eventually the called person must be able to say, “God has called me for sure.”

All Access Leadership Lessons from the Mat

Good leaders do strive to grow professionally and spiritually. Good leaders also fall prey to a performance mentality. The latest paradigms, the volunteer shortfall, the pursuit of excellence can tense up the best leader.

All Access Leading a Child to Christ

This is a short overview of how to lead a child to faith in Christ. It is the outline used by the Kidologist in his workshop by the same name. Includes the classic 'star fish story.'

All Access Little Alex

A comic story and a teaching tool for the children about adapting popular stories as puppet plays.

Comedy and teaching tool
All Access Quick Reference List... for why new ideas around the church WON'T WORK.

Somebody's always suggesting new ideas around the church, like adding on to the building, or switching Sunday school to after worship, or changing the times of services. No sooner than such ideas surface, objections swarm up like spring mosquitoes.

All Access Some Kids Are Just Challenging

Children aren't robots; they're people, and have a will of their own. You can influence but not control them.

All Access Ten Persuasive Arguments for Stealing Candy Bars

10 persuasive arguments for photocopying copyrighted books, songs, and sheet music, and copying tapes

All Access The Top 10 Children's Bibles

Counting down the Top 10 children's Bibles on the basis of theme, quality of features and how quickly the Bible grabbed the author's interest

Bible Reviews
All Access The Tyranny of the Telephone - Confessions of a telephone-hating preacher's kid

I don't know what you do to tame the telephone, but I hope you do something. Especially if you have kids.

All Access Thoughts on dealing with our critics

It is a lot easier to criticize than to be criticized. Most of us think it is bad for people under us to criticize, but we think the people over us deserve a bit of it.

All Access Why do Daddy's Die?

The following poem depicts the thoughts a child went through after the loss of a parent. It expresses feelings of pain, confusions and frustration with God, but comes to a beautiful conclusion of courage and gratitude. The poem may be used to bring comfort to families who have gone through similar pain and loss.

All Access Brownies

An article used to talk to kids about compromise and sin and how 'just a little' can still be very bad.

Sin, Compromise
Free Connecting with Kids

If we're really going to make a lasting impact on children, we need to do more than just program for them. We need to make a connection with them that transcends the things that we teach them.

Forming relationships with kids
Free Courageous Leaders - Part 2

Some more thoughts on being a courageous leader that I have been tossing around lately...

Free Grow Through Vision

We all seem to want to grow our churches, ministries, businesses and the such but more often than not we don't see that growth. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

All Access Losing Your Marbles Is Good for You

The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it’s the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise or maybe it’s the unbounded joy of not having to be at work. Either way, the first few hours of a Saturday morning are most enjoyable..... (prepare your heart for a powerful lesson)  

Time Management
All Access The $14 Billion Land Grab for Kids

Defining the marketplace of games, comics, and mass media... and how to respond to interested kids.

Card games, comics, and media
Free Around the World in 80 Days Movie Review

Overall, a fun film to watch. Packed with fanciful inventions, multiple cultures, and traditional good guys and bad guys. If you are seeking a modern update on the Jules Verne book, you'll be disappointed. This isn't a "don't see" film, however I'd hesitate to recommend it to families in my church.

Movie Review
Free Bionicle: Mask of Light Movie Review

This is a movie review about a recently released video by Legos based on their very popular Bionicle toys.

Movie Review
Free Catch That Kid Movie Review

Fun, Light-Hearted, Entertaining Movie with Questionable Antics...

Movie Review
Free Cody Banks 2: Destination London Movie Review

Cody Banks 2 proves to be a fun movie that improves on its predecessor.

Movie Review
Free Finding Nemo Movie Review

Finding Nemo features several points of application that make for great discussion in your children’s ministry. Take advantage of this film to teach important lessons your kids will never forget. Here are a few I left the movie tonight thinking about:

Movie Review
Free Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Movie Review

The much-anticipated movie adaptation of the thrid volume of the Harry Potter series has hit theaters. Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely darker than its predecessors and it strays from the kind of adherence to the book that we have come to expect from the Harry Potter movies. It was still enjoyable and leaves you hoping for better when the next Harry Potter movie comes around.

Movie Review
Free Home on the Range Movie Review

Home on the Range, though entertaining, lacks the quality that is expected from Disney. Nonetheless, children who do see it will enjoy it, and there is enough humor injected into it to catch the attention of attending adults.

Movie Review
All Access Hot Spots -- Anatomy of a Technical Difficulty

Troubleshooting Technology
Free OrangeWatch 2008

An archive of the OrangeWatch beta, which featured a live feed of Kidology member-participating blogs and Twitter updates from the Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA (April 28-30, 2008).

Free Shark Tale Movie Review

Oscar has aspirations of living big and his schemes usually fall short. However, since claiming to be a "Shark Slayer," Oscar has been living it up! But it's only a matter of time before this scheme comes crashing down!

Movie Review
Free Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Movie Review

The adventures of mercenary hero Sky Captain and on-again-off-again girlfriend/reporter Polly as they attempt to discover the person behind mysterious robot attacks.

Movie Review
Free The Incredibles Movie Review

Dodger Flebert and Alfie Kloeper discuss the latest Pixar film, The Incredibles... hear them for yourself!

Movie Review
Free The Passion of the Christ Movie Review

Pastor Karl was privileged to get to see a pre-release screening of Mel Gibson's new movie The Passion of the Christ on Jan. 20th, and responds here to its impact on him, and answers questions about it's appropriateness for children.

Movie Review
Free The Polar Express Movie Review

The Polar Express promises to be a true family movie and a Christmastime classic.

Movie Review
Free The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Review

This much-anticipated movie starring the world's most favorite yellow sponge was a great disappointment to this SpongeBob fan and proves inappropriate for younger viewers.

Movie Review
Free The Three Musketeers Movie Review

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy star in an animated version of The Three Musketeers. Not a cartoon masterpiece, but a film that possesses good teaching points about teamwork and the body of Christ.

Movie Review
All Access 10 Common Mistakes That Stifle Children's Pastors

Ten things to avoid in your children's ministry.

Key Concepts for Ministry
All Access 10 Reasons I Believe The Bible Is True

This talk is designed to answer a common question among kids - How do we know the Bible is True?

Reasons to believe the Bible is the Word of God
Free 4 Tips for Turning Supervised Playtime into Ministry

Used in moderation, supervised play time is a beneficial tool to help pastor children and their families. It provides a safe environment for their needs to surface.

Supervised Play
Starter 4 Ways Your Nursery Can Reshape Your Entire Church

How far up on the priority list is your church nursery/preschool? Use it to reshape your entire church!  

Preschool, Nursery
Free 7 Greatest Questions Facing KidMin

Roger Fields outlines what, in his opinion, are the seven biggest question facing KidMin, and those who are called to this ministry.

KidMin, Trends
All Access A Family of ZAP Religion

We live in a "ZAP" society where everything we want can happen "now". Building a relationship with God does not work this way. As families, we need to work together to instill in our children, by example, the importance of family time with God.

Time for God
All Access A Fresh Look at Your Ministry

View your ministry with a fresh perspective!

Vision - Evaluation
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