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The Original Peeper Puppets

The Original Peeper Puppets

from Hobey Ford

The Original Peeper Puppets Finger Puppets
Use the Original Peepers to transform your hand into a puppet that kids will love. Slip it over your finger to create a long-beaked bird, between your knuckles sideways for a flat-faced friend, even on your thumb to create a cute crab (use both hands for this one!).

Use the Peeper Puppets to tell stories with your hands. Keep one in your pocket or purse so you always have one handy. Start a conversation anywhere you go. You're limited only by your imagination!
Get more ideas with this handy guide, the Peeper Puppets Idea Book.

These are the original, high-quality peepers from Hobey Ford, the creator. They are no longer in production, so get them while you can! Available while supplies last!

Peepers ship free in the Continental US ONLY! Save when you buy multiples!
Random color(s) will be sent. For ages 4 to 104.

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